I started playing with Ruby on Rails over the weekend, applying it to a hobby project that’s been on hold for a while. I had a MySql database with some test data in it, and I did some cutting and pasting from a Rails tutorial to put a management front-end on it. I’m very impressed. For this kind of job, where the structure of the relational database provides the model in an MVC setup, Rails looks like a real shortcut to a full-featured interface. I love the “scaffold” feature, which gives you basic forms that you can gradually replace with your own customized views. It reminds me of the Dadabik project for PHP.

And today Slashdot has a performance comparison with Java, done by the author of a book on Spring (so no anti-Java bias there), showing Rails looking very very good.

What I haven’t done yet is look at how you handle XML in Rails. Is there an XML:DB implementation for Ruby?