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OAI Follow-up
Friday 13 May 2005 @ 6:36 am

I see that DP9 has picked up my OAI server (presumably from this blog posting, as it hasn’t been published anywhere else) and harvested my one and only record. That allowed Google to find it (exposing OAI-harvested content to search engine spiders is the purpose of DP9), and possibly Old Dominion’s experimental ARC service as well (it was timing out when I tried). Haven’t made OAIster yet, though.

The boundaries between scholarly publishing and Speaker’s Corner could be renegotiated by services like these. The potential mischief is illustrated by a recent George Monbiot piece in the Guardian, showing how bad data regarding the growth or shrinking of glaciers (with implications for the debate on global warming) have been propagated from the hobby site of a former architect to a letter from a distinguished botanist to the New Scientist. Could I use the power of the OAI server to lend credibility to some fradulent document, like Pierre Plantard did by depositing his forged Dossiers secretes in the Bibliothèque Nationale to make Dan Brown rich? Information literacy skills will never go out of fashion…

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