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Panizzi Speaks
Thursday 16 February 2006 @ 5:22 pm

In honour of the Code4Lib Conference in Corvallis (where I am not), and the thrilling lightning talks which other people (but not me) are hearing there, here’s a brief but insightful talk by Panizzi, the bot who haunts the #code4lib IRC channel. Panizzi has embodied himself using Microsoft Agent technology; the text is all his own.

To see the talk you’ll have to use Internet Explorer, and install MS Agent. You need the core components, the character “Robby”, the American English text-to-speech engine, and the SAPI runtime support.

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 3 responses to “Panizzi Speaks”

  •   Tricia wrote:

    That was awesome! Perfect for a poetry slam – or a talk for that matter.

  •   art wrote:

    Panizzi will give the closing lightning talk this morning (Friday), I saw a preview last night and think it will be a big hit. Peter, you should be here too, the lightning talks alone make it worth the trip. Imagine, we went through 22 sessions at the end of the day, 22!!!! Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of the attendees are involved in presenting sessions as a result, where else would that happen?

  •   Roy Tennant wrote:

    Peter, panizzi so rocked the house — I wish you had been there to see it! Thanks a lot for putting that together, it was a hoot!

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