As if Zotero weren’t already looking cool enough, it now appears they’re hiring a senior programmer and a “Technology Evangelist” on two-year contracts. (This according to an email forwarded to the Code4Lib list by Raymond Yee; I can’t find a posting online). Since the programmer needs PHP and MySQL on top of Firefox skills, we can assume they’ll be getting serious about the collaborative possibilities of Zotero. Dan Cohen tantalizes us:

What if you could share a folder of references and notes with a colleague across the country? What if you could receive a feed of new resources in your area of interest? What if you could synchronize your Zotero library with a server and access it from anywhere? What if you could send your personal collection to other web services, e.g., a mapping service or text analyzer or translation engine?

All that on top of what looks like a very slick browser-based interface to capture metadata as you browse. I can’t wait.

[Update: Raymond’s message is now in the Code4Lib archive.]