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Stupid Geography
Wednesday 1 April 2009 @ 8:54 pm

I’m noticing more and more things I can’t do on the web because of where I am. First it was Google’s hypercautious imposition of snippet view for items that are clearly in the public domain both in the US and in Canada, and Major League Baseball’s refusal to sell me access to online video of Toronto Blue Jays games because I’m in their blackout zone (which covers all of Canada). Then, during the presidential election, I found that that any link to a Daily Show sketch on an American blog was broken, because the Comedy Network has the rights in Canada: so I have to click over there and try and find the right bit (when will OpenURLs cover political satire?). Then I started to hear about Hulu – which you can’t get in Canada. Now is going to start charging for access if you live outside the US, UK and Germany.

It appears that DRM isn’t just an individual problem; it also depends on the size of the market and the characteristics of the jurisdiction within which you live. The web does a lot to bring us together on an equal footing, but the purveyors of commercial content have figured out how to break up the market again.

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 3 responses to “Stupid Geography”

  •   Walter Lewis wrote:

    Apparently while on the web “Nobody knows you’re a dog”, they do have some inkling as to where you signed on. *sigh*

  •   Jen wrote:

    I hadn’t heard/read about this til now. Sucks, I was just getting into using it more, and finding the way they link to upcoming concerts in my city useful. Oh well, not a service I use enough to be paying for it.

  •   Hannah wrote:

    be sure to check out my blog. I’ll be writing in it more often, I hope. Thx for helping me with the updates. Can you take a look at the other 4 for me plz? Be sure to watch for part 2 of ADVENTURES ON MARS and all the other ones after that.

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