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Ticket issued by American Commission to Negotiate Peace to view the Victory Parade from the roof of the Hotel de Crillon. RCB wrote in his diary for July 14: 14 (Mon.): Get up at 4:00 AM -- Meet Mlle Etienne and go by way of Place de Republique to…

On the back: "Souvenir d'un soldat alsacien. Strasbourg, Bischheim, le 2 juillet 1919. / Henri Fischer".

On the back: "Souvenir d'un soldat Alsacien. Strasbourg Bischheim, le 2 juillet 1919 / Henri Fischer". Presumably the brother of Bertha Fischer.

RCB wrote in his diary on June 25: "Get up late -- find that orders have come from Tours". The orders evidently transferred him to Paris to report to the Relief Administration, to take up the job offered him by Prof. Adams on June 19. He left Avignon…

List of the sights of Avignon in Marthe Alliod's hand, with checkmarks in pencil. In his diary RCB wrote on May 31: 31 (Sat.): Leave early for Avignon 8:36 -- Rhone valley beautiful. Marthe gives us list of points of interest. See popes palace Berl…

Robert C. Binkley, Dale Van Every, and Dan Evans. Probably the photo that Marthe Alliod enclosed in a letter to RCB on July 14: "Ce sont les photographies prises le matin du départ de Mr. Van. Je les ai déja envoyées à ce paresseux garçon, mais…

"A mon cher Elève Bob. / Marthe Alliod"

Robert C. Binkley, Jeannette Alliod, Marthe Alliod, Dale Van Every.
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