Sense of History: an unfinished draft of an undergraduate history textbook by Robert C. Binkley, 1939-40. This transcription is not yet fully corrected.

A Sense of History: Europe since Napoleon

, Robert C. Binkley

Table of Contents

Note to Teachers
1. Periods and Distances
The Past and the Future: Lifetimes and Generations
Generations as Measures of Change
The Era of Nationalism and the Modern Age
The Four Most Recent Ages
Distances, Geographic and Social
Territorial-Political Organizations
The World Network
2. Families: Households, Dynasties, Races
Family as race: The blood-stream in the long period
Family as dynasty: Planned coincidence of blood and property
Dynastic motivation
Specific family histories―Wedgwood; Juke; Coburg
Inheritance law
Dynasty vs. corporation
Families as households. How an understanding of them aids an understanding of larger groups
How families are connected with the outside world
3. Land and Livelihood: Villages
B. Histories of villages
4. Cities
Livelihood in Strassburg
Power in Strassburg
5. States
Barbarian Age: people and king
Power and territory
A. Conclusion