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Chapter 8 - Pennsylvania, 1873-1890 - Documents

II.E.c. John Wright Wheatley’s Journal, 1876

<ink over pencil>

Journal of John W. Wheatley Jr

For the Centennial Year


At Altoona Penna

January 1st 1876, Saturday The birth of the Centennial year was ushered into existence by a rush, a din and a roar in Altoona. Last night there was a monstrous midnight parade formed of Citizens Military companies etc.; the City was brilliantly illuminated, the artillery boomed, and a general “Spirit of 76” was evinced. Saturday was an unusually pleasant day; The sun shone brightly, the air was mild, and everything had an aspect of pleasantness. Rose in the morning with a pain in the small of my back, the result of a slight derangement in my kidneys. I will here take occasion to remark that I have had pain in both of my sides, more or less ever since the last of June 1875. This morning, after breakfast, I took a jaunt down to the furnace to see Harry Graham. <end of ink> He had just got out of bed, as he and James Shirley \had/ spent half of the preceding night up town. I went down to the furnace again at about 4.30 o’clock to see them casting metal; saw what I desired and returned.

Sunday January 2d 1876 Robert’s birthday to-day. He is one year old. Papa, Thornty and Mary went to church. Not feeling well, I did not go. All of the family attended the Sunday school in Millville, except Papa, Robert, and myself. The weather was very pleasant. <p.2; start of running head: 1876>

Monday January 3, 1876 I have not been attending school at all this winter as yet. Today I went up to Mr. Smeigh’s school in the same building where I went last winter. I staid there a while and then went over town and got my box of visiting cards which had been ordered six weeks ago. I came out home on the 3.00 train. Very nice day. Papa, Millie and Mary went to the revival meetings held at the Second Presbyterian Church. I printed cards in the evening after supper to be used as samples when soliciting orders for visiting cards.

Tuesday January 4, 1876. This afternoon I printed some visiting cards and delivered them to Smileys &c. I remained at Smileys for supper. Helped Jim Smiley bring down their washing from Seeleys, where they have their washing done. Tolerably pleasant day, only a little muddy.

Wednesday January 5th, 1876. Took a walk around in Millville, and visited the Millville School. Enjoyed myself very much. I am still unwell with kidney complaint. The day somewhat cooler than yesterday though agreeable. Went uptown in the afternoon in the train to see Mr Glanding. I had intended to employ him to hear my lessons in Arithmetic, Latin &c. but he was going away soon to attend College. I returned <p.3> in the 3.00 o’clock train. In the evening I went up town in the train and attended the S.P. Church Topic: Prayer for the Young.

Thursday January 6th 1876 Visited the Millville School all day. The weather was a little windy. The ground was also tolerably muddy. Went to Prayer Meeting at Millville School house in the evening.

Friday January 7. 1876 Visited the Millville School in the forenoon. In the afternoon I went down to the furnace. I also went to Burketts to see if I could sell Sylvester B- some visiting cards.

Saturday January 8, 1876 Remained at home in the forenoon. In the afternoon I went up to McSteers. Mama went up town in the 1.40 train and returned in the 3.00 o’clock train, with her mouth adorned by a brilliantly shining set of “False Teeth”. Mama, Papa, Mary and myself went to Sec. Pres. Church in the evening. Mama and I rode up in the train. Millie’s and Lucy Cassidy’s wax flowers came by mail in the evening. <p.4>

Sunday January 9th, 1876 Papa, Mama and Millie went to Church in the Rolling Mill Wagon. I walked as I did not get dressed in time. In the afternoon I went to the Millville Sunday School and took supper with D.S. Anderson. Exceedingly muddy and a little drizzly, but not cold.

Monday January 10, 1876 Mama started me to Mr Smeigh’s school in the morning, but I came home at noon, not having took any dinner along. Millie and Mary also started to school this morning. The school, to which they go, is on 7th Avenue, below Smeigh’s school. The returned home at noon. The day was very windy and cold, and very disagreeable all day. Printed some in the afternoon, and then visited McSteers and the Millville School.

Tuesday January 11, 1876 I remained at home during the greater part of the day. In the afternoon I went to town on the 1.40 o’clock train, and returned on the 3.00 \o’c/ train. Ordered, from Kelsey & Co, Meriden Conn, 1 5 in Ink Roller. 1 Can Ink; and 1 Can Varnish. Millie and Mary went to school, up town to-day. The weather was windy and cool. <p. 5>

Wednesday, January 12. 1876. In the afternoon went up to the Rolling Mill and from there, I rode down to the furnace, and returned on the Switch Engine. Went, then, to Smileys and remained till School was out. I left Ed. F. Ott’s cards with Jim S. to give to Ed. F. O. The day was disagreeably cold and windy. Snowed very lightly during the day, but not sufficient to cover the ground.

Thursday January 13. 1876 Mama, Thornty and Werner attended Millville Prayer Meeting. I remained at home. Dave Cassidy came down to the house in the evening, awhile. Maggie Smiley staid all night at our house. The weather was cold and windy, accompanied by a little snow.

Friday January 14. 1876 Went to town with Papa in the train, in the afternoon. While I was waiting for the train, I went down in the Rolling. Little Geo. Davis threw a bucket of dirty water on my overcoat. Mad with rage, I seized the bucket, and obtaining a bucket of water, threw it into his face, inflicting a gash just over his eye. In the evening Bob Irvin and I attended Sec. Pres. Church and remained at the inquiry meeting. <p.6>

Saturday January 15. 1876 Remained at home all day. Bob Irvin and I went to Church and remained at the inquiry meeting.

Sunday January 16. 1876 Went to church in the morning. Went to Sec. Pres. S. School in afternoon. Went to Church at night. Cloudy weather.

Monday January 17. 1876 Cloudy weather.

Tuesday January. 18. 1876. Went to the Millville School in the afternoon. In the forenoon I went up town in the Mill Wagon with Cummings Molson. Went to Church in the evening.

Wednesday January 19. 1876 Went to town early in the morning, to Prof. D.S. Kietlo’s and obtained permission to attend Miss A.C. Snyder’s School. I attended her school during the remainder of the forenoon, and then came out home for dinner. Went to Church in the evening. Staid in at the Church Session and was examined preparatory to joining the Church; as did James Smiley and Bob Irvin. <p.7>

Thursday January 20 1876 Went to school to Miss Snyder. Exceedingly muddy yesterday, but froze up last night. The weather was very cold to-day. Went to Millville Prayer Meeting. Had considerable pain in my back to-day.

Friday January 21. 1876 Went to school. Somewhat muddy. My Inks, Rollers &c arrived per express to-day. The expressage was 45 cents. Printed some in the evening.

Saturday January 22. 1876 Remained at home in the morning and printed. In the afternoon, I went up and took a walk around through Millville. In the evening I went to the Opera House, with James Smiley, to see the performance of the “A.A.A.” (Altoona Aid Association).

Sunday January 23. 1876 Went to Church. Communion day: Millie, Mary, and I joined the Church. The total number received into the membership of the Church was 130. Attended Millville S. School in the afternoon. Very muddy, though pleasant otherwise. <p.8>

Monday January 24. 1876 Went to School. Got my supper up town at McCrackins and then went to Church with George McC-. Rode home on McClelland’s carriage.

Tuesday January 25. 1876 Went to school.

Wednesday January 26. 1876 Ditto:

Thursday January 27. 1876 Ditto

Friday January 28. 1876 Went to school.

Saturday January 29. 1876 Went down to the furnace and got dinner at McClelland’s. Pleasant, but muddy. Went up town in afternoon to canvass for cards.

Sunday January 30, 1876. Went to Millville Sunday School in the afternoon. Mama Millie and Mary went to Church: Maggie Smiley <p.9> came down, and staid for supper, and then went to Church, with Mama and the girls.

Monday January 31. Went to school. Cool weather: Alex. Vaughn went along with me up town, as I was going to school. Printed cards in the evening.

Tuesday January \February/ 1. 1876 Went to school.

Wednesday February 2. 1876 Remained at home and printed envelopes all day: very cold, and Tempestuous and stormy, accompanied by a little Snow.

Thursday February 3, 1876 Did not go to School, but remained at home and printed all day. Mama walked up town to see Mrs. Rogers, about some dress-making and returned in the 8.00 o’clock train. Very cold, but not so cold as yesterday the mud having abated somewhat. <p. 10>

Friday February 4. 1876 Went to school in the forenoon. Did not go in the afternoon but returned on the 3.00 o’clock train. Had excruciating pain in my back and shoulder all afternoon.

Saturday February 5. 1876 Remained at home and wrote an article for the “Youth Companion”.

Sunday Feb 6. 1876 Went to Church. Mr Chichester did not preach. In the afternoon went to Millville Sunday School. Drizzly and cloudy.

Monday February 6 \7/. 1876 Went to school. Sent Ed. Slep’s subscription to the “Youth’s Companion” to the publishers, and recieved for a premium, an “Artists Sketching Camera”: a very desirable and beautiful premium.

Tuesday February 8. 1876 Went to School . A little snow on the ground. Also muddy. Went to 2d Pres. Church at night. <p. 11>

Wednesday. February 9. 1876. Went to school. The ground is tolerably muddy.

Thursday Feb. 10. 1876. Ditto as above.

Friday Feb 11. 1876 Went to School.

Saturday Feb. 12. 1876.

Sunday Feb. 13. 1876 The Centennial Bill appropriating $1,500,000 to the Centennial Exhibition passed the U.S. Senate to day.

Monday February 14. 1876. Walked up to school in the morning. Rainy and drizzly in forenoon.

Tuesday Feb. 15. 1876 Went to School in the 7.35 train in the morning. Mama went up town in the evening on the train. Raining slightly and snowing all day. In the evening blew up cooler and snowed some at night but did not cover ground. Election day in Altoona for Mayor, Treasurer &c. Mayer Gilland (Democratic) the incumbent, was elected by over 200 majority. The Treasurer elected is Democratic.

Wednesday Feb. 16. 1876. Went to school in train. Cold and mud<d>y. <p.12>

Thursday February 17, 1876 Went to school in train. Cold and Windy.

Friday February 18. 1876.

Saturday February 19th. 1876 Mama’s New Doty washing <m>achine came


\to-day/. A very nice machine, which will save her form much labor, and not make “wash-day” the saddest day of the week. <ink> Staid at home all day. Printed visiting cards for David Richards. <pencil>

Sunday February 20th 1876. Nice day, but somewhat cool. Went to Millville Sunday School in afternoon. Sade Johnston resigned her position of Secretary of S. School. Went down to the furnace dam to see several persons baptized, who recently joined the Church of God. <ink> None of the family attended Church this morning. <pencil>

Monday February 21st 1876. Went to school in the morning train. Paid my subscription to the Evening Mirror, amounting to 75 cents.

Tuesday February 22. 1876 <ink> WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY! <pencil> No school today. Staid at home all day and prepared several articles for the newspapers.

Wednesday February 23. 1876 <p. 13>

Thursday, February 24. 1876 Went up in the morning train to school, but was disappointed, as Miss Snyder was engaged in decorating the Opera-house for the Centennial Supper, held under the auspices of the ladies of the Second Presbyterian Church. So I had the pleasure of walking back home in the cold. In the afternoon I went up to the Centennial Supper on the Dynke. Papa, Millie and Mary also went, and returned in the train; But I walked home. Piercing cold in the morning, but milder towards Evening. Papa went up town in the morning train with me. <Ink from here on>

Friday February 25, 1876 Went to school in the morning train. As the phrase above will be frequently used in the course of this journal, I deem it necessary to premise a few explanatory remarks. Our house is situated about 1½ miles from the Center of the city, among the suburbs. About two-hundred yards north of the house is a station on the Hollidaysburg and Morrison’s Cove Rail-Road, called Allegheny Furnace. A train stops at this station at 7.40 A.M. upon which I go to school: the fare is five cents.

To-day was cold, but less so than yesterday.

Saturday February 26th 1876. Staid at home during the forenoon. I have not skated any this winter, until to-day. I skated a little on the Furnace Dam to-day. Mild day. <p.14>

Sunday February 27 1876 Went to church. Sat in the new gallery, which was erected last week. Drizzly and misty weather. Remained at home during afternoon.

Monday February 28. 1876. Went to School. Snowed a little at night, enough to cover the ground.

Tuesday February 29th 1876 Went to school. Windy in the morning.

Wednesday March 1st 1876. Went to school in the train. For several days vast numbers of pigeons have been feeding near Conemaugh, Pa. The flock probably consists of more than a million, but I may be exaggerating. Persons who have seen the flock on the wing, assert that they have never seen such prodig<i>ous quantities numbers of birds in their life. Vast numbers have been shot by hunters. Papa had a very severe, and painful attack of Neuralgia in the head, which has laid him up.

Thursday March 2d 1876 Staid at home. Excuse me, I intended saying, “Went to school”. Papa is suffering from \with/ Neuralgia. Went up town at night in the train to get some medicine. Very cold day.

Friday. March 3d 1876. Went to school. <p. 15>

Saturday March 4th. 1876. – I remained at home during the greater part of the day, and occupied my time in writing articles for the Newspapers. – if my meager and insignificant effusions deserve so high-sounding a name. In the evening, I went up to the dressmaker’s to get Mamma’s dress.

Sunday March 5th 1876. I had a most excruciating pain in my head all day, in consequence of which I did not go to Church. I was very sick all night, and was somewhat delirious. I was bothered all night with nightmare and unpleasant dreams. During the night I dreamed a most distressing and inexplicable dream which I will relate as accurately as I can. It appeared to me that I had committed some terrible crime, and Satan appeared with an oblong block of beautifully transparent glass; and, approaching me with a hideous and fearful countenance, ordered me to get on the glass, which he carefully placed on the ground before me. Through fear, I hesitated not a moment to obey. He then, in stentorian tones, with fire flashing from his eyes, pronounced my doom. Said he: “For thy offense, thou shalt remain in infinite space for one billion of years; and when that time shall have expired, thou shalt abide with me and mine angels.” Words are inadequate to express my terror. In vain did I remonstrate and protest my innocence to my inexorable judge. He disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as he came, and I found myself in space with nothing visible but myself. In my intense agony and terror, I yelled most demoniacally, and I awoke. To a superstitious mind, such a dream would be considered an ominous circumstance. <p.16>

Monday March 6th 1876. Indisposition prevented my attending school to-day. Am better than yesterday.

Tuesday March 7th 1876. Still unwell: remained at home.

Wednesday, March 8th 1876. Remain at home.

Thursday, March 9. 1876. Ill. – remain at home.

Friday, March 10 1876. Alex. Vaughn and I made a toy cannon to-day, out of a piece of a gas-pipe.

Saturday, March 11th 1876. Made a large cannon and spent the afternoon in firing it off. Went up town and got \Papa’s/ medicine.

Sunday, March 12th 1876

Monday March 13th 1876. Remained at home all day. Extremely cold and windy.

Tuesday, March 14th 1876. Went to school.

Wednesday, March 15th 1876: – Went to school.

Thursday: March 16th 1876: – Ever since Papa has lived here, the long, rigorous winters and damp atmosphere have had a deleterious influence upon his health. For over a week he has been laid up with neuralgia, – sometimes suffering the most intense agony. The Doctor (Fay) advised him to go to Baltimore or some other Southern city, where the weather was milder. He started to Baltimore this morning, with hopes of recruiting his health, which I hope he will do. I went to School. The day was sleety, cold, and exceedingly disagreeable.

Friday; March 17th 1876: – Went to school. It snowed a little, but not enough to cover Mother Earth. <p. 17>

Saturday: March 18th 1876. Remained at home all day. Mamma went up town on the afternoon (2.45) train. Bitter cold, with wind. Mary

Sunday. March 19th 1876. Mary went to Church in the morning. Windy & cool.

Monday March 20th 1876: – Went to school. Snow still on ground.

Tuesday March 21st 1876: – Went to school. Snow still on the ground.

Wednesday March 22d 1876: – An attack of rheumatism in my left shoulder, prevented my attending school. It seems as if I recieved the brunt of all afflictions. But it might have been worse. Snowed some to-day.

Thursday, March 23d 1876. Still have rheumatism in my shoulder. I remained at home all day, and went up town on the (7.00 P.M.) train and got some medicine for myself. Snowed some to-day.

Friday: March 24th 1876: – Went to school.

Saturday: March 25th 1876: – Snowed 15 inches deep last night. Beautiful day for winter. Papa came home from Northumberland at 10 o’clock P.M. He went from Baltimore to Northd to arrange the affairs of estate of John W. Wheatley Decd (my Grandfather). He is seemingly much improved in health.

Sunday, March 26th 1876: – None of the family went to church. I have had rheumatism in my shoulder ever since last Tuesday.

Monday, March 27th 1876. Papa went away to Northumberland this morning on business concerning Grandfather’s estate: he being the administrator. Mamma went up town to sign some legal documents in the morning and did not get back until three o’clock P.M. <p.18> I subscribed to the Altoona Mechanics Library for 5 months this morning \evening/: – charges $1.25. For the first book I got “Astoria, By Washington Irving.” Sent for Crabb’s “English Synonyms” this evening.

Tuesday. March 28th 1876: – Remained at home all day and read “Astoria”. Cold, with snow on the ground. Windy and sleety I afternoon.

Wednesday. March 29. 1876: – Finished reading “Astoria”. I never read a more delightfully entertaining book. The style is beautiful, and accurate grammatically considered.

Thursday: March 30th 1876: – Went to School.

Friday: March 31st 1876. Went up to the library in the evening and got Webster’s unabridged Dictionary. Crabb’s Synonyms came. It is a very valuable work to young or inexperienced writers, and I am both.

Saturday March April 1st 1876. All-Fools-Day.

Sunday, April 2d 1876: – Remained at home all day.

Monday, April 3d 1876: – Went up town in the morning train to get some medicine for Robert. Came back on 9.00 A.M. train. Went to the Library at night and got T.H. Benton’s “Thirty Years in the United States Senate”. <p.19>

Tuesday, April 4th 1876: – Papa came home from Northumberland at 4 o’clock A.M. Went up to the Library and got “Knickerbocker History of New York”. By Washington Irving.

Wednesday, April 5th 1876: –

Tuesday, April 6th 1876: – Mr Chichester (the pastor of the 2d Presbyterian Church) preached in the Millville School-House this evening. There was a very large attendance. Papa, Millie, Mary and myself attended. Text: “What have they seen at thine house” Isiah.

Friday, April 7th 1876: –

Saturday, April 8th Went up town twice to get wallpaper. Two paper-hangers papered the parlor and stairway.

Sunday April 9th 1876: – Went to church.

Monday, April 10th 1876: – In the evening, went up town to the library and got Irving’s “Life of Washington” Vol. 1. We planted the seeds in the hot-bed this evening.

Tuesday, April 11th 1876: – Read “Washington’s Life” nearly all day. In the evening Mamma went to the Sunday School Teacher’s meeting in Millville School-House. Burned some weeds in the garden after supper.

Wednesday, April 12th 1876: – Went up town at night; went to the Library and got Irving’s “Life of George Washington”, Vol 2. Did not get home until after ten o’clock. - I remained at home during the day and finished reading Irving’s “Life of Washington”. In the forenoon I moved all books, pen and inks &c into the garret so that I can read & study without being interrupted by the children. The day was very pleasant. The birds were singing <p.20> The glorious sun was spreading his benign influence over the face of torpid nature, and reviving vegetation. The commons surrounding our dwelling are thronged with cows attracted hither by the luxuriant growth of spring-grass. We has a slight drizzle last night, but none this forenoon. Millie and Mary went to school. I have not been at school since March 24th 1876. My health is still bad and is not improving: – still have pains in my side and derangement in the kidneys. Robert have\s/ had an alarming swelling under his left jaw, extending towards his ear; probably the result of a cold. It gives indications of suppurations, but with care and attention it can be cured. Mamma washed the clothes in the Washing machine.

Thursday, April 13th 1876: – Remained at home all day in the garret reading Irving’s “Life of George Washington”. Rained at intervals all day. Very cloudy and gloomy.

Friday, April 14th 1876: – Remained at home in the garret and finished reading “Life of Washington”, vol 2. Cloudy in the forenoon with thunder. Shortly after dinner there was a violent rain-storm. Windy after the rain.

Saturday, April 15th 1876: – Went up town at 4½ o’clock on the switch engine. Went to the Library and got “Crayon Miscellany”, by Irving. Remained at the Library and read until 9½ o’clock.

Sunday, April 16th 1876: –

Monday, April 17th 1876: – <p.21>

Tuesday, April 18th 1876: –

Wednesday, April 19th 1876: – Went to school. No School in afternoon.

Thursday, April 20th 1876: –

Friday, April 21st 1876: – Went to School. Went up town in the evening and bought a Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, for $9.00 at John McNevin’s Book-Store. It is a work of sterling merit and priceless value, and is indispensable to the student who would speak and write the English Language correctly. I have been wishing to buy this valuable work for over two years, but this is the first opportunity I have had of buying it at less than regular price – 12 dollars. It is superior to Worcester in every respect. Went to the Library and got “Wars of the United States”, and “Astoria”. I was so pleased with “Astoria” when I read it, that I have determined to read it again in order to study the beautiful and popular style of Washington Irving. Printed some visiting cards for a friend of mine – John O’Donnell. The weather was tolerably pleasant, but streets and roads are fearfully muddy.

Saturday, April 22d 1876: – Staid at home all day and wrote a composition on Columbus to be read in school on next Friday afternoon. Worked some in the Garden.

Sunday, April 23d. 1876: –

Monday, April 24th 1876: – Staid at home. <p.22>

Tuesday April 25th 1876 A.D. Went to school on forenoon but came home at noon, as I was unwell. Papa went to an auction sale of books up town in the evening.

Wednesday, April 26th 1876. Staid at home.

Thursday, April 27th 1876: – The books came that papa bought at Auction. They comprise quite a desirable assortment consisting of Hume’s “History of England” 6 vols. leather. McCaulays Do. 5 vols. leather. Josephus’s Works; Knight’s “Half Hours with the Best Authors 6 vols. Cloth; Rollin’s “Ancient History” 2. vols Cloth; Goldsmith’s “Poetical and Prose Works” cloth. “Children of the Abbey”; “Scottish Chiefs”. Thaddeus of Warsaw; all of which were bought at astonishingly low prices. Nice day. Rode down to the furnace on Dynke. Papa intends to buy a good stock of books before the Auctioneer leaves, as the books are all new and are sold very low.

Friday, April 28th 1876: – Went to school.

Saturday, April 29th 1876: – Remained at home nearly all day. Put all of the new books in the book-shelf. The Mountain City Base Ball Club of Altoona have built a substantial fence around their grounds near Allegheney Furnace, and the first game of the season was played there this afternoon between the Pastimes and the Mountain City B.B.C. Papa and I went to the book Auction at night and bought Eggleston’s “Schoolmaster’s Stories”; Knox’s “Overland through Asia”; “Our Farm of Four Acres”; “Farming for Boys”; Poe’s Works; Walter Scott’s “Waverly Novels” and some picture books for the children. Rained hard at night while we were coming home.

Sunday, April 30th 1876: – Went to Church, as did Papa, Milly, and Mary. Communion Day. Mild in afternoon with a few flakes of snow. <p.23>

Monday, May 1st 1876: – Birth-Day. 15 Years old.

Tuesday, May 2d 1876: – Went to school. Did not go in afternoon. Went to Book Auction at night. Bought Bible Dictionary, and Gibbons Hist. Rome.

Wednesday, May 3d 1876: – Went to school. Went to Book Auction at night and bought Bryant’s Poem’s (sic) 2 vols; “Cyclopedia of Chronology”; “Poetical quotations”; “Book of Days”; “Lectures and Essays”; Scotts Poems; Byron’s Poems; Burn’s Poems; “Reason Why Series”; Collin’s, Gray’s, & Goldsmith’s Poems; Enoch Arden; Tennyson’s Poems; Wordsworth; Pollock’s “Course of Time”; “Era of the Protestant Revolution”; Hans Anderson’s “Fairy Land”.

Thursday, May 4th 1876: – Went to school: A mammoth flag was hoisted on the lower Shops of the Pennsylvania Rail Road Company this afternoon. Papa got the garden plowed. Billy Eastright dug two garden beds with a spade. Went to book Auction at night.

Friday, May, 5th 1876: – Went to school.

Saturday, May 6th 1876: – Base Ball game between the Mountain City and picked nine [club] this afternoon. Mamma and I papered my room in the forenoon. Planted a maple tree in the yard as a Centennial Memorial.

Sunday May 6 \7/th 1876: –

Monday, May 7 \8/th 1876: – Went to school.

Tuesday, May 9th 1876: – Went to school.

Wednesday, May 10th 1876: Today being a legal holiday there is no school. The Great International Exhibition designed <p.24> <to> commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of American Independence, was opened today with imposing ceremonies at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rainy and drizzly all day at Altoona though not so at Philadelphia. The Pastime B.B. Club came out this morning to play but were prevented by the rain.

Thursday, May 11th 1876: – Went to school.

Friday, May 12th 1876: Went to school: Burglars entered the house of A.H. Voris (Supt. Altoona Iron Iron Co, in the same office with Papa) and stole all the books he bought at auction, and a fine suit of clothes.

Saturday, May 13, 1876: – Staid at home and finished reading “Capt. Bonneville’s Adventures”, by Irving. Cloudy in early part of forenoon, but the sky was perfectly clear by 11 o’clock A.M. The Mountain City and Juniata (Hollidaysburgh) clubs played in the afternoon. Score: M.C. = 7 Juniata = 12. The game was played in the presence of a vast concourse of people, who cheered lustily for their respective favorites, or when a good “play” was made. It is wonderful to observe the interest, taken by the people here, in base ball. If a game is announced, hundreds – sometimes a thousand or so – of people immediately drop all work and go to the ball-ground, one mile and a half from town. After standing all afternoon in the hot, boiling sun, they trudge homeward with tired legs, and, if they club which they favor is beat, melancholy melancholy hearts and down cast countenances. The Hollidaysburghers are Jubilant over this victory. I saw the game from the top of a brick kiln near the grounds. Bright and pleasant in afternoon. <p.25>

Sunday May 14th 1876: – Went to first Presbyterian Church in Morning. Mr Cornelius, (the pastor) did not preach: – a man who is visiting this place, preached.

Monday May 15th 1876: – Did not go to school: – “Active” (Reading, Pa.) and Juniata (Hollidaysburgh) Clubs played this morning on Mountain City Grounds: – Score: Juniata 6: – Active 20. The heat of the sun was intense in the forenoon, and caused red colored blotches to come over my face. A game was played in the afternoon between the Mountain City B.B.C. and the “Actives” which resulted in a score of 4 for the M.C. & 10 for the “Actives”. I witnessed both games. – A heavy hail storm at about 4 o’clock P.M. caused the game between the latter named clubs to be postponed at the end of the 7th inning.

Tuesday, May 16th 1876: Staid at home.

Wednesday. May. 17th 1876. Staid at home. Cloudy, murky day.

Thursday, May 18th 1876. Stayed at home.

Friday, May 19th 1876: – Went to school. Very Pleasant day. The forests trees are just beginning to put forth their green foliage. – Mamma went up to Mrs. Smiley’s in the evening. Thornty and I went up at about 8½ o’clock to bring her home.

Saturday May 20th 1876. The M.C.B.B.C. and Jim O’Flannigan’s picked nine played. Score = M.C. 14 - Picked nine 7. Nice day.

Sunday, May 21st 1876. Went to church. Very warm day.

Monday. May 22d 1876. – Went to school.

Tuesday, May 23d 1876 - Went to school.

Wednesday May 24th 1876. Went to school. <p.26>

Thursday, May 25th 1876: – Went to school. - Saw M.C. B.B.C. and a “picked nine” play after school. M.C. were victorious. Nice day.

Friday, May 26, 1876: – Went to school. – Fearfully hot day.

Saturday, May 27 1876: – I umpired a game between two Juvenile Base Ball Clubs who played near Cassiday’s in forenoon. Went in swimming just before dinner, which I got at Smiley’s. Rode up to “3 Culverts” with a couple of Dutch boys who went after sod in afternoon. M.C.B.B.C. and “Amateurs” of Tyrone played in afternoon. The Amateurs were the clumsiest players I ever saw, for an amateur club. Score = 30 to 4 in favor of the Mountain City. Papa made frames for Grape arbor around pump and along garden walk.

Sunday May 28th 1876: – Went to Church. Very nice day. The trees are in full foliage. – Papa made frames for Grape arbor around pump and along \garden/ walk.

Monday, May 29th 1876: Went to school. Nice day.

Tuesday, May 30th 1876: – No school to-day. – Picked stones from the garden till 9 o’clock A.M. Our garden is the stoniest ground for a garden I ever saw. We have picked at least 3 wagonloads of stones from it since we came here, and there seems to be as many stones in it now as ever. At 9.30 A.M. a game commenced between the Mountain City B.B.C. and the Americas of Harrisburg. Both clubs played finely, but the Mountain City were especially excellent in the field. Baker’s skilled catching elicited high encomiums from the numerous bystanders. Bradly (M.C.) made a fine hit bringing three men home, and taking his 3d base. The catcher of the A’s was good, but he was far behind Baker (M.C.). The game resulted in a score of 11 to 3 in favor of the M.C. The game was played with the best of feeling on both sides, and was highly interesting. The day was exceedingly auspicious. The M.C. played a game with a picked nine in afternoon which they won by a score of 22 to 9.

Wednesday, May 31st 1876. Went to school. <p.27>

Thursday , June 1st 1876: – Went to school.

Friday, June 2 1876- Went to school.

Saturday, June 3d 1876: Rained considerable in forenoon. After dinner I went over to the toll gate & waited for Dick London, who agreed to meet me there with a buggy. He did not come, so I took a near cut across the hills to Canaan’s Station, got on passenger train & went to Hollidaysburgh to see the game between M.C. & Juniata. The M.C. were victorious and came home in high glee. I came home on the same train with the Mountain City Club.

Sunday, June 4th 1876: – Went to church. – Mr Chichester did not preach.

Monday, June 5th 1876: – Went to school. –

Tuesday June 6th 1876: – Went to school, which left out at noon for the summer vacation.

Wednesday, June 7th 1876: – “Philadelphia’s” (professionals) and M.C.B.B.C. played a game in afternoon which I saw. Score Phila 12 M.C. 2. Susan Brown has been working for us for a considerable \while/. She is the most incessant talker I ever saw; her tongue literally goes from morning till she is asleep. A person cannot say a word without her sticking in her gab. However she is a right good girl about her work, and is industrious and of an independent spirit – Makes no weak concessions and asks favors of none. –

Thursday June 8th 1876: – Staid around home and played with Alex Vaughn. – Went in swimming. –

Friday, June 9th 1876- Made a ball. Nice day. –

Saturday, June 10th 1876. Nice day. – - M.C.B.B.C. and Juniata played. Score M.C. = 6. Juniata = 10. –

Sunday, June 11. 1876- Went to church. Nice day. <p.28>

Monday, June 12, 1876. – Worked some at hoeing potatoes in the morning, and then went with E.K. Vaughn to help him to drive his cow out into the Country – 3 or 4 miles. – Nice day. Went in swimming at noon just before dinner. – Went up town in afternoon. – Finished hoeing potatoes in evening. – The Colorado Potato Bug has been a great enemy of the potatoes ever since we came here. if it were not for frequently picking them off, they would destroy the vines in a short time.

Tuesday, June 13th 1876. Staid at home and worked in the garden. –

Wednesday, June 14th 1876. Ditto – Ditto – Ditto –

Thursday, June 15 1876. After breakfast Papa got the mill wagon and took all of the family, except Robert, to Kittaming Point among the Mountains, to have a family picnic and breathe the invigorating mountain air. Mrs Ramen, a kind, obliging old lady living in the vicinity of our house, staid at the house all day with Robert, who slept soundly from 11 o’clock to 3. We were about 3 hrs. on the road from which we could occasionally obtain lovely views of the mountains. There is something indescribably sublime in mountain scenery. When we \are/ standing at the base of some tall, majestic mountain we can see our own insignificance in the broadest light. We are led to reflect upon the greatness and power of the Almighty and his kindness in furnishing us with that which pleases our eyes and ministers to our love of the Sublime. – At about 9½ o’clock we arrived at “Horseshoe Curve”, a place in the mountains where the Pennsylvania Railroad bend<s> across a deep, broad ravine, and doubles upon itself again, so that trains run directly east and west in running the short distance of a mile. I killed a small snake while I was crossing a narrow stream, in which it was lieing coiled up ready to strike at any intruder. Passing through a long, damp gloomy culvert, over which the railroad lies, we pursued our way up a narrow valley hemmed in on both sides by high precipitous mountains. We finally stopped at the \side/ of a clear cold <p.29> mountain brook, which meandered its way merrily over the rocks and pebbles until its progress was interrupted by a dam, thus supplying the city of Altoona with water, which is conveyed in large iron pipes to the reservoir. The horse being unhitched, we directed our attention toward constructing a swing. After considerable search we found two tall trees, standing about 6 feet apart, one of which I climbed and fastened the rope to all [=a] stout limb. The other tree was then climbed, the rope tied and we diverted ourselves by swinging until dinner time. After arriving we placed 4 bottles of ale and 2 of milk in the stream, so that they would be cool for dinner. The table cloth was spread on a moss covered stone, and we all enjoyed the silvan repast hugely. The ale, milk and coffee were delicious. The sight of this dinner was sufficient to arouse every gastronomical faculty and we did ample justice to the savory viands. The sides of the mountains were covered with disintegrated pieces of limestone some as large as a barrel. Having eaten our dinner, Thornty, Werny and I climbed up the side of the mountain and diverted ourselves by tumbling the huge boulders into the stream below. All of a sudden, Werney, – who is a fat, chubby little fellow, and not near as agile as Thornty, – lost his foothold, and rolled down hill, heels over head. He would undoubtedly have been severely injured hat \not/ his down-hill progress been arrested by a tree against which he rolled. He loosened several large stones which rolled down after him, but fortunately none struck him. We were quite frightened but he sustained no injuries besides having his head bruised considerably. We then abandoned this sort of amusement, satisfied that it was fraught with too much danger. The lengthening rays shadows of the afternoon sun informed us of the proximity of night, and we started for home and arrived at 7 o’clock. Though I had a slight pain in my side I enjoyed myself to perfection. The rural feeling evidently is strongly inherent in the character of the children and they go almost into ecstasy\\ies/ when told they can go into the Country. <p.30>

Friday June 16th 1876 Staid at home in forenoon. Went to McSteer’s and up town with Alex Vaughn in afternoon.

Saturday, June 17th 1876. A game was expected between the M.C. and Braddock’s, of Pittsburgh, but it rained so heavily in the afternoon that they could not play. Went up town to Altoona Bank, also to Cornman’s Clothing Store to see about getting suit of summer clothes. Rained when I came home. Had beets for dinner, the first of the season.

Sunday, June 18th 1876: Went to Church. Nice day.

Monday June 19th 1876. – Remained at home nearly all day. Went up town n the evening with Papa and bought altered suit of clothes for $12.00. Also a linen coat = $1.25. Went to Altoona Mechanics Library and got Books, “Life of Washington” Vol 4 by Irving. and “Tales of a traveler by same author.

Tuesday, June 20th 1876. Staid at home.

Wednesday, June 21st 1876: Went up town in afternoon and got some cards at Evening Mirror Printing House = 25¢.

Thursday, June 22d 1876. Staid at home. Felt very much out of order-pains in back and side. Gloomy weather with cool nights. Wrote to Cousin Callie of Americus Georgia. I employed most of the day in Reading – my only source of amusement. – Temperature of the air is pleasant.

Friday, June 23d 1876: – Went up to the store in Millville several times. Nice day. Went up to Doctor’s to get some medicine. Got Book “Conquest of Granada” by Irving at Library. The Doctor gave me a prescription to have filled.

Saturday, June 24th 1876: Very nice day. – Papa went up town in the evening and got my prescription filled.

Sunday, June 25th 1876: – Went to church. Warm day.

Monday, June 26. 1876 E.K. Vaughn and I hoed some of our potatoes in forenoon. I helped him manure his celery in Millville, and he reciprocated the favor by helping me <p.31> pick stones in garden. Gathered up some old scrap iron during the day. Warm day. Papa went up town at night.

Tuesday, June 27th 1876: – New Haven & M.C. Played: score 15 to 4 in favor of the N. Haven’s. Nice day.

Wednesday, June 28, 1876. Uncle Charles M. Wheatley from Americus, Geo. came at noon. Philada & M.C. Clubs played in afternoon. score Philadelphias 8, M.C. 8. 15 innings were played in this game. Went up town at night with Uncle Charlie & Papa and got some ice cream. Rained some while we were coming home.

Thursday June 29th 1876. Uncle went away at 9.25 P.M.

Friday, June 30th 1876. Remained around home. –

Saturday, July 1st 1876. – Remained at home. –

Sunday, July 2d 1876. – Went to Church. – Mr Chichester preached a\n/ historical sermon on the organization and growth of the 2d Presbyterian Church of Altoona, Pa.

Monday, July 3. 1876: – Worked in garden picking bug<s> from Potatoes. Hoed the tomatoes and potatoes. Papa, Millie & Mary and myself went up town at night. Papa treated us to ice-cream. The whole city is decorated for the “Fourth”. There was a parade in the evening by persons dressed in the costumes of 100 yrs. ago. They were called “The Fantastics”. Nice day.

Tuesday. July 4th 1876. – Hurrah! for the glorious Fourth. – The people of Altoona have made extensive preparations for celebrating the CENTENNIAL FOURTH OF JULY, in a patriotic and becoming manner. Last night the city was brilliantly illuminated, and artillery were fired at 12 o’clock. P.M. This morning the grandest demonstration took place ever witnessed in this city. The “Red White and blue” was hung in wild, irregular profusion over nearly every house in the city. Portraits of WASHINGTON and incidents bearing upon the Birth of the Republic and the revolutionary <p.32> struggle were hung in various parts of the city. At 10 o’clock the grand civic, military and trademan’s parade commenced and was a fine spectacle. The procession moved slowly to a large field in the eastern suburbs of the city where a stand for the orator of the day had been erected. His Honor Mayor David A. Gilland, being elected president of the meeting, arose and delivered a few appropriate remarks, after which was introduced Hon. J.P. Blair who delivered a lengthy, patriotic and interesting address. Rev. J. Carns then offered up a prayer, impressive and comprehensive. – The band then rendered several National airs after which the immense assembly dispersed. It rained slightly after dinner which demoralized many of the decorations. I came home in the evening in Dempsey’s milk wagon. The Juniata and M.C. Played two innings in afternoon. score 2 to 0 in M.C.’s favor. E.K. Vaughn and I fired off a gun 11 times at night. We would have fired it off thirteen times in honor of the 13 original states had not our powder given out.

Wednesday, July 5th 1876: Nice weather in forenoon. – There was a violent rain-storm just after dinner. The setting sun in the evening was the most beautiful I ever saw. Went in swimming in forenoon.

Thursday, July 6th 1876: – Went after peasticks. Went in swimming twice during the day.

Friday. July 7th 1876. Worked the tomatoes in the morning.

Saturday, July 8th 1876. Picked cherries at Christy’s in the forenoon. Warm day. Played ball some.

Sunday, July 9th 1876. Went to church and was baptised. Nice day, but oppressively warm. <p.33>

Monday, July 10th 1876. Stayed at home and finished reading “Conquest of Granada”. Commenced reading Scott’s “Fortune of Nigel”. Warm, sultry day.

Tuesday, July 11th 1876: – Remained at home reading.

Wednesday, July 12, 1876: – Arose at 4 o’clock and Alex Vaughn and I went to the country for raspberries. We got 1¼ gals. each. Nice day. –

Thursday, July 13th 1876: – Mamma went to Sunday School Picnic at El-Dorada. – Very pleasant day. Remained at home all day and wrote a story – “An Indian Encounter” – for the “Youth’s Companion.”

Friday July 14th 1876: – Worked some in the garden in forenoon.

Saturday, 15th July 1876: – Was up in Millville in forenoon. Went in swimming just before dinner which I took at Smiley’s. M.C. & Juniata played. Score M.C. = 13- Juniata 12.

Sunday, July 16th 1876: – Went to church at night. Today is the 7th anniversary of our Sunday School. Mr Chichester did not deliver the sermon. A man from Harrisburg by the name of Hollifield preached. During the course of the sermon he said “I think it would pay the state of Pennsylvania to support the Sabbath Schools, by the Legislature appropriating funds at each session.” I don’t agree with him on this point. I think Church and State should not meddle with each other. Very nice day.

Monday, July 17, 1876: – Went up town in morning train and got hat ($1.85) and some wall-paper for Mamma. Went in swimming in afternoon. Nice day.

Tuesday, July 18. 1876: – M.C. and Experts played in afternoon. Score M.C. = 17. Experts 7. Nice day.

Wednesday July 19, 1876. Sawed wood nearly all day.

Thursday, July 20 1876: Sawed wood at intervals all day. Shower towards supper-time. Papa went up town at night.

Friday July 21st 1876. Sawed wood nearly all day. Nice day. <p.34>

Saturday, July 22d 1876: – The night was cool and so was the morning.

Sunday July 23, 1876.

Monday July 24th 1876: – Papa and I started to the Centennial Exhibition at 9.25 P.M.

Tuesday, July 25th 1876. Arrived at Philadelphia at 7 A.M. Train stopped in Pennsylvania Railroad Centennial Depot where we met Uncles Charley and John. After getting breakfast we immediately entered the great Exhibition, across the street from the depot. First went through Main Building. Next Machinery Hall. – Next Agricultural Hall. – Next Art Gallery &c. Very nice day.

Wednesday, July 26. Went to Exhibition. Went through Main building – Art Gallery – Machinery Hall & Shoe & Leather building. Nice day.

Thursday, July 27th 1876. Went to Exhibition.

Friday, July 28th 1876: – Went to Independence Hall and walked around through the City. Papa was not well and slept all afternoon. Started for home at 6 o’clock P.M. Rained all night. It is useless for me to attempt a description of the Great Exhibition – the greatest the world ever saw – for it is beyond description. – Several ponderous volumes would be filled in partially describing it.

Saturday July 29, 1876. Arrived home from the Centennial at 4 o’clock A.M.

Sunday, July 30, 1876

Monday, July 31st 1876 <p.35>

Tuesday, August 1st 1876:

Wednesday, August 2. 1876

Thursday, August. 3. 1876

Friday, August 4th. 1876. Went huckleberrying on Brush Mountain. Grandma came at 8 o’clock P.M. Nice day.

Saturday August 5th. 1876. Remained at home.

Sunday August 6th 1876 Stayed at home

Monday, August 7th 1876. Went after blackberries with Alex Vaughn up along the mountain Railroad. Nice day, had a little sprinkle of rain at noon. Read “Goldsmith” all afternoon.

Tuesday, Aug. 8. 1876. – Stayed at home and cut wood for wash-day. Nice day. –

Wednesday August 9. 1876. – Remained at home in forenoon reading. Went to store. – cut wood for washing. – Wrote up some of my journal in Coal house. – Was in swimming in afternoon. – They are building the foundation and digging the well for a new school house near our house. – Thornty and Werney ran off in afternoon & did not come home until night.

Thursday August. 10. 1876. Got up early and went with A. Vaughn up above the Railroad for blackberries. I got 3 gallons. I was very tired when I got home – 3 o’clock. Experts and a Pittsburgh Club played to day – score: Exp.=10 – Pitts=7. Nice day. Went in swimming in afternoon. –

Friday. Aug. 11. 1876. Staid around home some in the morning -went after old iron out beyond “Slippery race”. went in swimming. Nice day. They found water in the School-house well to day at 22 ft deep. <p.36>

Saturday, August, 12. 1876: – Foggy & murky morning. Uncle John W. Wheatley, of Americus, Geo. came at 8 o’clock in morning. I went up to Bushman’s to get meat for dinner. Went up again in evening & got a leg of mutton. Mrs. & Mr Smiley came down to see us in evening.

Sunday, Aug. 13. 1876: – Stayed at home in morning. Papa and Uncle John went to Hollidaysburgh in mill wagon in morning. Uncle John had an attack of headache caused by riding through the hot sun. Papa, Uncle John and I went to church in evening. This is the last sermon Mr Chichester will preach until vacation is over.

Monday, August 14th. 1876: – Uncle John left at 5 o’clock A.M. Remained around home. Nice day went in swimming.

Tuesday, August 15. 1876: – Nice day. – Went up town in morning train after the mail.

Wednesday, August 16. 1876. Went up town in afternoon train for the mail. Saw them play ball when I came back. –

Thursday, August 17. 1876: – Went up to play ball in afternoon – was in swimming – Thornty had a fight with Jim Benton and “licked” him. –

Friday, Aug. 18. 1876: – Remained at home reading “Knickerbocker”. Cut wood &c. Went after a bag of flour over to the mill. nice day.

Saturday, August. 19. 1876: – Rained early in the morning. Read “Knickerbocker” in morning. Went to Millville S.S. Picnic in afternoon.

Aug. 20 Sunday. 1876. Stayed at home. Nice day.

Monday, August 21. 1876. Last night was cool. – finished reading “Knickerbocker”. Went to library at night and got 2 vols. of “Prescott’s Conquest of Mexico”. – Got some medicine to prevent pain in my side. <p.36>

Tuesday, August, 22. 1876 Around home – Went down to the furnace. Nice day.

Wednesday, August, 23, 1876. Around home. Made a baseball in afternoon. Went to prayer meeting in evening.

Thursday, August 24, 1876: – Around home. Nice day. Was up to mill & down to furnace.

Friday, August 25, 1876: – Juniata and M.C. played in morning. M.C. won the game. Saw the game. Papa, Millie, Mary Thornty Werney and I went to a circus by the brickyard in afternoon. – Nice day. –

Saturday August 26th 1876. – In afternoon the “M.C.” and “Harrisburgh” played for a purse of $250. 7 innings were played which resulted in a score of 2 to 0 in M.C.’s favor. This was the most brilliant game I ever saw played by the M.C. club. Will Forsyth took supper with us. Hired girl Ida King came. Grandma has been sick in bed for several days. Nice day. Mollie Messenger, who has been working for us some time since has gone to Vaughn’s.

Sunday, August, 27th 1876: – Cool in morning. No one of family attended church.

Monday, August 28th 1876: – Remained around home.

Tuesday, August 29th 1876. Went to the Doctor to get medicine for Robert in forenoon. Helped Thornty and Werner dig some holes in the ground, back of the garden. Nice day.

Wednesday, August 30, 1877. – Helped Thornty and Werner as I did yesterday. Mamma went up town in afternoon train. Went up town at night to Library and Butcher’s. <p.37>

Thursday, August 31. 1876: – Staid around home in morning. – Saw M.C.B.B.C. play a game in afternoon with the “Cincinnatti League Nine” which was decided 9 to 0 in M.C. favor, – because the Cincinnatti club refused to play out the game, – seeing that they would be beat. Actual score: M.C. - 2. C.L.N. 4. –

Friday, September 1st 1876: – Went for elderberries out at Eldorado, & got 13 quarts. Rained slightly in afternoon. Rained hard at night.

Saturday, September 2d 1876. Went elderberrying, got 20 qts. Windy. –

Sunday, September 3d. 1876: – Papa, Milly, Mary and myself went to 1st Presbyterian Church at night. Bright, moonlight night.

Monday, September 4th 1876: – Went to school to Miss Snyder. –

Tuesday, September. 5. 1876: – Went to School.

Wednesday, September. 6. 1876: – Went to school.

Thursday, September. 7. 1876: – Went to school.

Friday, September. 8. 1876: – Went to school.

Saturday. September. 9. 1876. Staid around home in morning: – Fixed my ball, and played ball in afternoon by Cassiday’s. Papa, Mamma, & Grandma, went up town in the wagon in afternoon. –

Sunday, September 10. 1876: – Cloudy in forenoon. Did not go to church.

Monday, September. 11. 1876: – Went to school in train. Rainy all day. Came home in Dempsey’s Milk Wagon.

Tuesday, September 12, 1876: – Went to School in train. Cloudy. <p.38>

Wednesday, September 13, 1876: – Went to school in train.

Thursday, September 14. 1876. Ditto – Ditto – Rainy. Came home in Dempsey’s Milk Wagon.

Friday, September 15, 1876: – Went to school in train. – Walked home. Pleasant evening. Streets and roads are very muddy. – We have now about 45 scholars in school principally girls. –

Saturday, September, 16, 1876. Papa and Grandma started for Northumberland. Was up around the Rolling Mill in forenoon. – Saw them playing ball in afternoon. Nice day. James Smiley, David Giarth, & myself went up town in evening. – Papa came home at 8 o’clock.

Sunday, September 17. 1876: – Did not go to church. Rainy day.

Monday, September 18, 1876: – Went to school in train. Came home in Dempsy’s Milk Wagon. Rainy day.

Tuesday, September 19. 1876: – Went to school in train. Came home in milk wagon.

Wednesday, September, 20, 1876: – Went to school in train, Came home in millk wagon. –

Thursday, Sept. 21. 1876: – Went to school in Mike’s Milk Wagon, because the girl did not get breakfast in time for me to go up in the train. Came home in Dempsey’s wagon.

Friday, September 22, 1876: – Went to school in train. Got Breakfast at restaurant. Got dinner at the train.

Saturday, September 23, 1876: Staid at home nearly all day and wrote an article to the Sumpter Co. (Geo.) Republican. Went up town in evening on milk wagon. Rainy all day. <p.39>

Sunday, Sept. 24. 1876: – None of the family went to church. Rainy in morning. –

Monday, September 25. 1876: – Went to school. Came home in wagon. –

Tuesday, September 26. 1876: – Went to school in train. Came home in milk wagon. –

Wednesday, September. 27. 1876: – Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Cold and windy in morning. –

Thursday, September 28. 1876: – This was “Pennsylvania Day” at the Centennial Exhibition. No school. There were 250,000 admissions to the centennial Exhibition to-day.

Friday, September 29. 1876: – Went to school. –

Saturday, September 30. 1876: – Was chestnutting some. Made arrangements to go hunting in afternoon but could not get a gun.

Sunday, October 1st 1876. Went to church in morning. Nice day.

Monday, October 2d 1876. Went to school in train.

Tuesday, October 3d 1876. Went to school – walked. Went to a surprise party held at Miss Cora Moore’s in evening. Came home at 12 o’clock P.M.

Wednesday, October 4. 1876: – A state election was held in Georgia to day, which resulted in the election of the Democratic Candidates by overwhelming majorities. Went to school.

Thursday, October, 5, 1876. Went to school.

Friday, Octobr 6. 1876. Went to school in morning. Went hunting in afternoon. <p.40>

Saturday, October, 7, 1876: – Was out hunting all day. Got one gray squirrel. – Windy day. –

Sunday, October, 8th 1876: – Attended church in morning. Nice day. Heavy frost this morning.

Monday. October 9. 1876: – Walked to school. Frosty morning. Taylor Garland commenced making porch by the door next to the pump.

Tuesday. October 10. 1876: – Walked to school. At State elections held to day in Ohio, Indiana, & West Virginia, Ohio went Republican & Indiana & West Virginia Democratic. Went up to Opera house in evening to hear \the/ election news, but returned at 8.30 P.M.

Wednesday, October 11. 1876: Walked to school. Cool day. Mr & Mrs Smiley & Mrs. Carson took supper with us.

Thursday. October 12. 1876: Went to school.

Friday, October 13. 1876. Went to School. Millie & Mary had a party in the evening. James Smiley staid all night with me. Papa got a barrel of cider.

Saturday. October 14. 1876. Went hunting. Mamma boiled applebutter. Rained a little in afternoon. –

Sunday. October 15. 1876: – Went to church in morning.

Monday. October 16. 1876: – Walked to school. Cool day.

Tuesday. October. 17. 1876: Walked to school. Cool day.

Wednesday, October 18. 1876: – Went to school.

Thursday, October 19. 1876: – Went to school.

Friday, October 20. 1876: – Walked to school.

Saturday, October 21. 1876: – Cleaned up yard and then went hunting with Geo. Davis. Got 3 squirrels.

Sunday, October 22. 1876: – No church. Staid at home.

Monday, October 23. 1876: – Went to school.

Tuesday, October 24. 1876: – Went to school.

Wednesday, October 25. 1876: – Went to school.

Thursday, October 26. 1876. Went to school in morning. No school in afternoon. Miss Snyder went to Centennial Exhibition.

Friday, October. 27. 1876. At home all day.

Saturday, October. 28. 1876. Rainy in forenoon. In evening went to a Grand Democratic Rally at the opera house where Messrs Wm McCullough & J.C. McAlarney made fine & forcible speeches in behalf of Tilden & Hendricks. <p.41>

Sunday October 29. 1876: – Went to church. Mr Chichester did not preach.

Monday, October. 30. 1876: – Went to school. –

Tuesday, October 31. 1876. Went to school. Took Jack Benton’s gun to gunsmith for repairs.

Wednesday November 1st 1876: – Went to school in forenoon. Went hunting in afternoon. Got 1 squirrel. Nice day.

Thursday, November 2. 1876. Went to school. Cloudy.

Friday, November 3. 1876. This morning at 8.10 o’clock we were called upon to part with our Dear Little Robert. On last Wednesday afternoon he was playing as happily as could be and was apparently in good health. All afternoon he was in the house with his little hammer amusing himself by driving nails into a pine block. Towards evening he grew restless and fretful & got into Mamma’s lap. At night he awoke with an attack of pneumonia and did not rest well during the night. He appeared better on Thursday, and no one anticipated that he was going to leave us so soon. He grew worse on Thursday night and Papa and Mamma sat up with him all night. He breathed with great difficulty towards the last and at 10 minutes past 8 on Friday, A.M. he expired without a groan or struggle in his mother’s arms. Mrs. Smiley, Carson & Cassiday very kindly came down and washed the corpse and dressed it for the coffin. We will miss him for a long time, for he was so mirthful, so full of life and spirit and had such a strong hold upon the affections of the whole family.

Saturday, November 4. 1876: – Papa went to Northumberland Pa. this morning with Robert’s corpse, where Robert will be buried. Mrs Smiley and Carson were down to see Mamma. I went up town in the evening with Joshua Dempsey. The Millville Radicals had a Rally at the ball grounds in the evening. Mrs Carson staid all night with us. <p.41>

Sunday, Nov. 5. 1876. None of the family went to church. Cool day. Mrs. Smiley staid all night.

Monday, November 6. 1876. Around Mill nearly all day with Irvin Patterson. Papa came home at 8 o’clock in the evening.

Tuesday, November 7. 1876. Presidential election day. Was at the mill part of the day, and at the polls at White Hall.

Wednesday, November 8. 1876. Went to school. Every dispatch received says Tilden is elected President. Patterson discharged from Mill.

Thursday, November 9. 1876. Went to School.

Friday, November 10. 1876. Ditto.

Saturday, November 11. 1876. Went hunting.

Sunday, November 12. 1876. 1876. Went to church. Communion day. Nice day.

Monday, November 13. 1876 Went to School. Nice day.

Tuesday, November 14. 1876. Walked to school.

Wednesday, November 15. 1876. Ditto

Thursday, November 16. 1876. Ditto

Friday, November 17. 1876. Ditto.

Saturday, Novem. 18. 1876. Went hunting. Drizzly day.

Sunday, November 19. 1876. Drizzly day.

Monday, November 20. 1876. Went to school. Drizzly day.

Tuesday, Novem. 21. 1876. Went to school. Cool damp day. Papa, Mamma, Harriet & Werner took supper with Mrs Smiley.

Wednesday, November, 22. 1876. Walked to school. Cool, gloomy day.

Thursday, November 23, \1876/ Went to School. Snowed a little last night.

Friday, November 24. 1876. Not feeling well, I staid at home. Cool day.

Saturday, November 25. 1876. Staid at home reading “Ivanhoe”. Cool day. Mamma took up carpet in sitting-room. Papa bought me a hat.

Sunday, November 26. 1876: – Papa, Milly, Mary & myself went to church in morning. Cool day.

Monday, November 27, 1876. Went to school. Cool day. Snowed slightly.

Tuesday, November 28. 1876. Harry Graham, Jim Smiley & Dave Giarth came down with Mrs Smiley & played checkers with me. Cold day. <p.42>

Wednesday, November 29. 1876. Went up town in morning and got some medicine for Mamma & Harriet. Came out in 10. \o’clock/ train. Cool day. Went over to the new school in afternoon. It commenced yesterday. W.J. Barnett, Teachers.

Thursday, November 30 1876: – Staid at home all day, very Cold & Windy.

Friday, December 1. 1876: – Snowed some last night. Mamma has been sick for a day or two, but is now up. Staid at home. Cold.

Saturday, December 2. 1876. Staid at home in forenoon. Went down to the Furnace Dam in afternoon and skated some. Went to Graham’s and got orders for visiting cards. Fearfully cold. Went up town at night. Came back on 8 o’clock train.

Sunday, December 3. 1876: – Went to church in morning.

Monday, December 4. 1876: – Went to school in morning. Canvassed one side of 7th Avenue in Altoona, in the afternoon to get orders for visiting cards. Cool day.

Tuesday, December 5, 1876: – Went to school in morning. Staid at home in afternoon.

Wednesday, December 6. 1876: – Went to school in morning. Cool day.

Thursday, December 7. 1876: – Staid at home all day.

Friday, December 8. 1876: – Went to school in morning. Went up to Mr Hague’s in afternoon and collected $3 which he owed.

Saturday, December 9. 1876: – Sent for a No 1. hand-inking Model Printing Press. Cost $10.00 – and material $3.75. Went to Bushman’s in morning for meat. Dreadfully windy & cold.

Sunday, December 10. 1876: – Staid at home. Millie and Mary went to 2d Presbyterian S. School in afternoon. Cold day.

Monday, December. 11. 1876: –

Tuesday, December. 12. 1876: Staid at home all day.

Wednesday, December 13. 1876: – Went to school in morning on train. Came home in afternoon. Cold weather.

Thursday, December. 14. 1876: – Went to school. Muddy in afternoon. Model printing Press came. Staid at home in afternoon.

Friday, December 15. 1876: – Staid at home all day. Cold day. <p.43>

Saturday, December 16. 1876: Very cold and windy. Went up town at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Sunday, December 17. 1876: – Papa, Mamma, Millie and myself went to the Dedication of the new Second Presbyterian Church this morning. Rev. Geo. Hays of Washington College, delivered the sermon. We went in the mill wagon. Very cold. Papa attended church in evening.

Monday, December 18. 1876: – Staid at home. Cold day. –

Tuesday, December 19. 1876: – Staid at home. Printed envelopes on new Press.

Wednesday, December 20. 1876: – Staid at home, very cold.

Thursday, December 21. 1876: – Staid at home reading Livingstone’s “Last Journals”. Cold. Jennie Dively came to work for us.

Friday, December 22. 1876. Staid at home. Had a very fine turkey for dinner. Papa, Mamma & Millie went up town in afternoon in mill-wagon. Snowed some in afternoon.

Saturday, December 23. 1876: – Staid at home all day reading Livingstone’s “Last Journals. Cold day. Papa went up town at night.

Sunday, December 24. 1876: – All of us staid at home having very bad coughs. Cold day.

Monday, December 25. 1876: – Christmas!! All of us had a very pleasant Christmas. After the presents were assorted last night the door was locked and no one saw the gifts this morning until all had eaten breakfast. Millie & Mary were so excessively anxious to see the things that ate hardly any breakfast. I recieved one dollar in money, a pair of slippers, a pencil, and ink-stand, and a pair of socks.

Tuesday, December 26. 1876: – Staid at home writing at home.

Wednesday, December. 27. 1876. Cold day. Staid at home.

Thursday, December. 28. 1876: – Printed envelopes in morning. Frank Robinson, a former schoolmate, took dinner with me. Went to town in afternoon. <p.44>

Friday, December 29. 1876: – Staid at home printing envelopes. Snowed all day. Snow is 1½ feet deep. Very windy and cold. Papa went to Hollidayburgh, and went up town at night.

Saturday, December 30. 1876: – Staid at home all day. Am confined to the house by a bad cold. Cold day.

Sunday, December 31. 1876: – All of the family remained at home, it being too cold to attend church. Jennie Dively has been working for us a week or so. She can laugh on slighter provocation than any person I ever saw. She laughs at everything one says, and sees a funny point in the bluntest remark.

Farewell 1876!

The following was omitted in the Journal: –

Monday, November 27. 1876: – In the evening went up town on the train and heard Chaplain McCabe’s Lecture at 1st Lutheran Church entitled “The bright side of Life in Libby Prison”. Snowed hard in evening.

II.E.d. John Wright Wheatley’s Journal, 1877

Diary of John W. Wheatley,

For the Year 1877, A.D.

Altoona, Blair Co, Pa. U.S.A.

Monday, January 1, 1877. Happy New Year!! Very cold and windy. The snow is about 1½ feet deep, though in some of the Railroad cuts in the mountains it has drifted so much as to materially impede the passage of trains. Went up town in afternoon.

Tuesday, January 2, 1877. Went up to the store in the morning to get some provisions &c. Remained at home nearly all day reading. Cold disagreeable weather.

Wednesday, January 3, 1877. Having a bad cold I staid in the house all day. The weather is not quite so cold as yesterday. The children went to school. Thornty, with Papa’s boots on went ahead to break a path; next followed Millie & Mary and last Werny. I think Jennie Dively is as thorough an “aggregation of laziness and good-for-nothing-ness” as I ever saw. She did not get breakfast this morning until 8 o’clock & Millie can get a better meal at any time. <p.2; running head: Altoona, Pa. / 1877.>

Thursday, January 4, 1877. Remained at home and employed most of the day in reading. Went up to the office on an errand in the morning. Mr Andrews, the blacksmith at the rolling mill, put a new grate in the sitting-room stove in the morning. The weather was milder than yesterday. I spent my Christmas money by subscribing to the New York Weekly Sun, and the first number came to-day. It is an ably edited organ and boldly and fearlessly advocates the principles of the Democratic Party. It exposes and denounces with a relentless hand the fraud, corruption, trickery, villiany [sic] and unwarrantable usurpations of the Republican Party. I am much pleased with it. Mamma went up to Mrs Smiley’s in the evening.

Friday, January 5, 1877. Remained at home all day reading “The Black Dwarf” by Scott. Mamma went up town in afternoon. Bright day. Mamma discharged lazy Jennie [sic] to-day, and I don’t think any one will regret her departure.

Saturday, January 6, 1877. Remained at home in the forenoon reading the “Black Dwarf”. Went up on the hill in afternoon to ride on sled. Millie and Mary went sleigh-riding with Papa in afternoon. Cool day.

Sunday, January 7, 1877. Snowed one foot deep last night. The snow is now fully 2¼ feet deep. Remained at home all day. <p.3>

Monday, January 8, 1877. Went to school to the new school-house erected last Summer. It is not far from our house. Cool day. Took Papa’s dinner up to the office to him.

Tuesday, January 9, 1877. Went to school. Cool day.

Wednesday, January 10, 1877. Went to school. Cool day.

Thursday, January 11, 1877. Went to school.

Friday, January 12, 1877. Cool day. Drizzled in afternoon.

Saturday, January 13, 1877. The rain which fell in small quantities yesterday has formed a crust strong enough to bear a person of ordinary weight. <col.b> Saturday 13. Jan. continued. Went up town in afternoon with Mamma and Papa in mill-sled and got a pair of boots for $4. Rode on my sled in afternoon.

Sunday, January 14, 1877. Staid at home all day.

Monday, January 15, 1877. Went to school. Cold day.

Tuesday, January 16, 1877. Went to school. Cold day.

Wednesday, January 17, 1877. Went to school. Miss Lizzie Gabbert came out for dinner and supper. She and Mamma went up town on evening train. I went to the station to meet Mamma when she came back. Cold day. <p.4>

Thursday, January 18, 1877. – Went to school, cool day.

Friday, January 19, 1877. – Went to school. Sloppy.

Saturday, January 20, 1877. Sloppy. Made a sled in the afternoon.

Sunday, January 21, 1877. Staid at home all day. I have a very bad cold.

Monday, January 22, 1877. Went up to town in morning to get my books from the other school. Went to school in morning \afternoon/. Went up to Cassiday’s in the evening.

Tuesday, January 23, 1877. Went to school in morning. Staid at home in afternoon, not being well.

Wednesday, January 24, 1877. Went to school. Very windy & Cold.

Thursday, January 25, 1877. Went to school. Cold.

Friday, January 26, 1877. When I got up this morning my gums were swelled so much that I could not shut my teeth together. They were very painful. I could not eat any breakfast or dinner on this account. Went to school in afternoon. Sunshiny day.

Saturday, January 27, 1877. Went up town in the morning. Nice day. Snow is melting. Mamma is not very well. Went up town in afternoon.

Sunday, January 28, 1877. Went to church. Nice day. Staid at home in afternoon. <p.5>

Monday, January 29, 1877. Went to school. Went up town in the evening. Sloppy and sloshy.

Tuesday, January 30, 1877. Went to school. Mrs. Voris took supper with us. Went up town in evening. Sloppy roads & streets.

Wednesday, January 31, 1877. Went to school. Sloppy.

Thursday, February 1st, 1877. No school. Teacher had to go to court. Warm day. Snow is nearly all melted off. Went up town in the morning.

Friday, February 2, 1877. Went to school. Cloudy drizzly day. Papa went up town in the evening. Have a very bad cold.

Saturday, February 3, 1877. Went up town in the morning. Have neuralgiac pains in my head. Cloudy.

Sunday, February 4, 1877. Staid at home. Neuralgia in my head. Nice day.

Monday, February 5, 1877. Staid at home in the morning. Went to school in the afternoon to participate in a spelling match. Cool day. Cloudy.

Tuesday, February 6, 1877. Staid at home in the morning. Staid over at the school-house in afternoon while they were scrubbing the school-house floor.

Wednesday, February 7, 1877. Went to school. Cloudy.

Thursday, February 8, 1877. Went to school. Went up town in the evening.

Friday, February 9, 1877. Went to school. Nice day. <p.6>

Saturday, February 10, 1877. Went up town twice. Nice day.

Sunday, February 11, 1877. Papa and the rest of us went to church in the mill-wagon. While we were in church, some boys drove the horse away and we did not get it until after a good hunt. I got a policeman after the boys. Nice day. Only a little muddy. Will Forsyth was out in afternoon and staid for supper. I was down to the furnace in the afternoon.

Monday, February 12, 1877. Staid at home.

Tuesday, February 13, 1877. Staid at home.

Wednesday, February 14, 1877. Went to school in forenoon. Went up town in afternoon.

Thursday, February 15, 1877. Went to school in afternoon. Nice day.

Friday, February 16, 1877. Went to school.

Saturday, February 17, 1877. Went up to the office in the morning to write a composition for school. Cold day. Staid at home in afternoon.

Sunday, February 18, 1877. Staid at home all day. Very cold & windy.

Monday, February 19, 1877. Went to school. Snowed about 3 inches last night. Cold.

Tuesday, February 20, 1877. Went to school. Snow is nearly all melted off.

Wednesday, February 21, 1877. Went to school.

Thursday, February 22, 1877. Went to school.

Friday, February 23, 1877. Went to school. <p.7>

Saturday, February 24, 1877. Staid at home. Snowed some.

Sunday, February 25, 1877. Staid at home.

Monday, February 26, 1877.

Tuesday, February 27, 1877. Staid at home all day. Not well. Have very bad cold. Cold & Windy.

Wednesday, February 28, 1877. Unwell. Staid at home. Windy.

Thursday, March 1st, 1877. Staid at home.

Friday, March 2d, 1877. Staid at home.

Saturday, March 3, 1877. Staid at home.

Sunday, March 4, 1877. Staid at home all day. Was unwell.

Monday, March 5, 1877. Staid at home all day. Unwell. Cool, ugly day.

Tuesday, March 6, 1877. Staid at home. Will Forsyth took dinner with us.

Wednesday, March 7, 1877. Staid at home. Ill with diarrhea.

Thursday, March 8, 1877. Staid at home. Unwell.

Friday, March 9, 1877. Doctor Fay came out and gave me some medicine.

Saturday, March 10, 1877. Staid at home. Unwell.

Sunday, March 11, 1877. Staid at home all day. Bad day.

Monday, March 12, 1877. Staid at home. Unwell. <p.8>

Tuesday, March 13, 1877. Staid at home all day. Not well. Snowed some.

Wednesday, March 14, 1877. Mamma, Millie and Mary and Harriett started for Northumberland this morning.

Thursday, March 15, 1877. Started for Virginia on 7. A.M. train. Arrived at Harrisburgh at about noon where with Mamma and Harriett I took train for Winchester, Va. Arrived there same evening and staid all night. (Mamma had come down to Harrisburgh from Northumberland in the morning.)

Friday, March 16, 1877. Arrived at Staunton, Va., at 7 o’clock P.M. Staid all night at American Hotel. <col. b: head: In Virginia>

Saturday, March 17, 1877. Arrived at Goshen at 7.11 A.M. Staid at Goshen until 7. P.M. when we took stage for Lexington, Va, and arrived there on

Sunday, March 18, 1877, at 2.30 A.M. Took hack for Sydney Vale Farm on James River, Rockbridge Co. Va and arrived at 1. P.M. Staid at Gilmore’s all day. Nice day.

Monday, March 19, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s. Nice day.

Tuesday, March 20, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Wednesday, March 21, 1877. Went to the Natural Bridge on horseback in morning.

Thursday, March 22, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Friday, March 23, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s. <p.9: head: in Rockbridge Co. Va.>

Saturday, March 24, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Sunday, March 25, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Monday, March 26, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Tuesday, March 27, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Wednesday, March 28, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Thursday, March 29, 1877. Mamma and Harriett started home on the canal packet boat at 8 o’clock \(P.M.)/ by way of Lynchburg W.Va.

Friday, March 30, 1877. Staid at Gilmore’s.

Saturday, March 31, 1877. Staid around the house.

Sunday, April 1, 1877. In afternoon Cous. Willie & Lizzie and myself went to preaching at Gilmore’s Mills. Walked. Rained while we were coming home.

Monday, April 2, 1877. I forget exactly what transpired to-day, but I think I went fishing with Cousin Willie up by the dam.

Tuesday, April 3, 1877. Staid at home.

Wednesday, April 4, 1877. Staid around home.

Thursday, April 5, 1877. Cousin Tom went to Balcony Falls. Went to the P. Office in afternoon \(nice day)/ and subscribed for Am. Agriculturist. <p.10; running head: Virginia>

Friday, April 6th, 1877. Staid around home. Nice day.

Saturday, April 7th, 1877. Cousin Tom went to Natural Bridge. Cousin Willie had some of the garden seed planted. Nice day.

Sunday, April 8, 1877. Staid at home. Nice day.

Monday, April 9th, 1877. Rainy. Staid at home all day.

Tuesday, April 10, 1877. Went to the P.O. in morning. The river is up pretty high. Windy. Planted watermelon seed in “hot-box” in garden.

Wednesday, April 11, 1877. Worked around the house. Nice day.

Thursday, April 12, 1877. Went to Natural Bridge in morning. Nice day.

Friday, April 13, 1877. Working around the house all day. Helped Cous. Willie get out Baling Strips from the woods. Cool. Windy day.

Saturday, April 14, 1877. Helped Cous. Willie tramp out clover seed on the barn floor in the morning. Went to Natural Bridge in afternoon. In evening Johnnie Gilmore was dangerously injured by one of the horses attacking him in the barnyard and pawing him in the breast with his feet. Cous. Willie immediately went for Dr. Watson, who arrived at 8 o’clock. Nice day.

Sunday, April 15, 1877. Johnnie better. Went home with Dr. W. & got some medicine for Johnnie. Nice day. <p.11>

Monday, April 16, 1877. Staid around home. Nice day. Went with Cous. Nellie to see Mrs. Watkins in afternoon.

Tuesday, April 17, 1877. Went to the Bridge in morning. Nice day.

Wednesday, April 18, 1877. Am not positive as to what I did on this date. However, I think I was at home. Nice day.

Thursday, April 19, 1877. I think I went to the P.O.

Friday, April 20, 1877. I think I staid around home.

Saturday, April 21, 1877. Went to the P.O. Nice day.

Sunday, April 22, 1877. Was around home all day.

Monday, April 23, 1877. Staid around home working in garden. Nice day.

Tuesday, April 24, 1877. Went to P.O.

Wednesday, April 25, 1877. Was fishing some and working in the garden.

Thursday, April 26, 1877. Went to the Bridge with Harry Gilmore. Nice day. Potatoes from B.K. Bliss & Sons came by mail. Nice day. Cous. Nellie went to Lexington.

Friday, April 27, 1877. Rained. Went to Dr. Watson’s in afternoon & staid all night.

Saturday, April 28, 1877. Around home.

Sunday, April 29, 1877. Went to High Bridge Church (Rev. Price) and staid all night with Cousin Jennie Gilmore at Mr Rowland’s. \Rained in afternoon./ <p.12>

Monday, April 30, 1877. Went fishing in afternoon.

Tuesday, May 1st, 1877. Birth day. Around home. \Cousin Willie baled hay./

\Wednesday, May 2, 1877./ Went with Harry G. to drive sows to mill.

Thursday, May 3, 1877. Around home.

Friday, May 4, 1877. Around home. Went fishing in morning. Took tea with Mrs. Watkins.

Saturday, May 5, 1877. Fished awhile in morning. Went to Mill in morning and got my hair cut. Rained in afternoon. Cous. Tom went to Mrs. Seymour’s.

Sunday, May 6, 1877. Staid at home.

Monday, May 7, 1877. Went to Cous. Jennie’s in afternoon. Rained.

Tuesday, May 8, 1877. At Cous. Jennie’s. Went to Mrs Thompson’s funeral. Rained a little.

Wednesday, May 9, 1877. At Cous. Jennie’s. Helped Kyle haul wood.

Thursday, May 10, 1877. Ditto.

Friday, May 11, 1877. Ditto.

Saturday, May 12, 1877. Came home in morning. Nice day.

Sunday, May 13, 1877. Staid at home.

Monday, May 14, 1877. Was fishing.

Tuesday, May 15, 1877. Was to Mr Johnston’s in afternoon with Cous. Nellie.

Wednesday, May 16, 1877. Planted corn all day. Hot. Cous. Willie went to Lexington. <p.13>

Thursday, May 17, 1877. Planted corn. Very hot.

Friday, May 18, 1877. Planted corn. Very hot. Went to Bridge in P.M.

Saturday, May 19, 1877. Went in swimming twice during the day. Around the house all day – very warm.

Sunday, May 20, 1877. Staid around home.

Monday, May 21, 1877. Lost record.

Tuesday, May 22, 1877. Went to P.O.

Wednesday, May 23, 1877. Went to blacksmith shop.

Thursday, May 24, 1877. Went to Gilmore’s Mills on “Logan” and got a box from home. Had pain in my side in evening.

Friday, May 25, 1877. Sick in bed nearly all day.

Saturday, May 26, 1877. Sick all day. Mary Russell Rowland and her Sister Sallie came to see me and spent the day.

Sunday, May 27, 1877. Sick all day, with a very severe pain in my right side. Cousins Willie, Lizzie & Nellie went to meeting. Cool. Kyle Rowland spent the afternoon with me and staid all night.

Monday, May 28, 1877. Sick all day.

Tuesday, May 29, 1877. Sick all day. Mr. Paxton came in evening.

Wednesday, May 30, 1877. Better to-day. Pleasant weather.

Thursday, May 31, 1877. Better able to be around. Thermometer at 1.10 P.M. \in/ shade: 84° at sunset 70°. <p.14>

Friday, June 1, 1877. Better. Therm. 54°. at 6.10 A.M.

Saturday, June 2, 1877. Better. 54° at 5.35 A.M. 80°. 6.25 P.M.

Sunday, June 3, 1877. At home all day.

Monday, June 4, 1877. Whitewashed some in morning. Rained. Mr John Paxton visited us. Nannie Rowland is here.

Tuesday, June 5, 1877. Around the house. Whitewashed some. Hoed my potatoes. Not very well.

Wednesday, June 6, 1877. Willie went to Fincastle. I dropped 5000 tobacco plants in morning. Nannie Rowland went home in P.M. Sick in P.M.

Thursday, June 7, 1877. Remained at home. Mrs. Watkins Misses Lucy & Mary Johnston visited us in P.M. Nice day.

Friday, June 8, 1877. Helped Mr. Slagle cover barn.

Saturday, June 9, 1877. Around home.

Sunday, June 10, 1877. At home all day. Rained hard last night. Mr John Watson & Cousin Willie came from Lexington in afternoon.

Monday, June 11, 1877. Helped Slagle cover barn. Finished it to day at 2.30 P.M. “Sardine”, one of the horses, was drowned in the river to-day by falling out of the flat-boat & becoming entangled in the harness.

Tuesday, June 12, 1877. Fished some. (Am not sure about what took place on this date. J.W.W.) <p.15>

<note in top margin:> This diary was kept of on pieces of paper at the time, and afterwards transferred to this book. Some few days, I lost account of and so state under the date involved – J.W.W. June 1882.

Wednesday, June 13, 1877. Of this day I have no record.

Thursday, June 14, 1877. Fished some.

Friday, June 15, 1877. Fished some in the evening. Mr Watson left in morning. Mr Lewis & wife came, from Lexington. Mr Lewis was a great fellow for fishing.

Saturday, June 16, 1877. Was up towards the dam where Cousin Tom & Mr Lewis were fishing. On the way back I got some mulberries on a tree. Rained some in afternoon. Mrs Anderson came at noon. This Mrs A. had her house burned by a squad of Hunter’s men during the war. Porte Crayon had once before the war enjoyed the hospitalities of her house.

Sunday, June 17th, 1877. Mr Bargett came down & spent part of the day & went to Gilmores Mill to Church in Evening. Nice day. He is an Englishman & talks very funny.

Monday, June 18, 1877. Staid around home. Not very well.

Tuesday, June 19, 1877. Mr & Mrs Lewis left for Lexington this morning. Dr Arnold visited me & spent good part of the day.

Wednesday, June 20, 1877. Around home all day. <p.16>

Thursday, June 21, 1877. At home all day. Dr Arnold came & gave me some medicine. Recieved a letter containing $5 from Papa. Rained in afternoon. Willie is getting his hay cut, and hauled in. Wheat is nearly ripe.

Friday, June 22, 1877. Staid at home all day. Nice day.

Saturday, June 23, 1877. At home all day. Miss Bettie & Mary Johnston came to see us about 3 P.M. [I had a letter from Cousin Lizzie not long ago in which she states that Miss Mary Johnston was burned to death last winter. J.W.W. June 1882] Willie went to engage hands for harvest.

Sunday, June 24, 1877. At home all day. Felt better to-day than I have for a good while. Nice day.

Monday, June 25, 1877. At home all day. Willie commenced cutting wheat. Nice day. Went in swimming.

Tuesday, June 26, 1877. Willie cut wheat. Wind & rain storm in evening, which damaged the wheat shocks some. Went in swimming.

Wednesday, June 27, 1877. Came up to Cousin Jennie’s in evening with Kyle Rowland. [I remember this night well. We left Cousin Willie’s about Dusk. On the way, over the hill back of Johnston’s we found a large cherry tree which we climbed & though it was quite dark <p.17> we managed to get a good many cherries. We got to Cous. Jennie’s about 9 o’clock, where I met Cousin Mamie & Bettie Yeatman. Mamie did not want me to kiss her & in my effort to do so we fell into the fireplace. J.W.W. June 1882].

Thursday, June 28, 1877. At Cous. Jennie’s all day. Rained nearly all day.

Friday, June 29, 1877. At Cous. Jennie’s. Cloudy. Visited Skidmore’s, who live next farm to Cous. Jennie’s.

Saturday, June 30, 1877. Was at Cousin Jennie’s.

Sunday, July 1st, 1877. At Cous. Jennie’s. \Cous. Mamie, & Bettie left for Balcony Falls./ Nice day.

Monday, July 2, 1877. Visited Skidmore’s and took supper – At Cous. Jennie’s rest of the day.

Tuesday, July 3, 1877. Came to Sydney Vale & got supper & got ready to leave for Balcony Falls. It kept me busy to get ready in time for the boat. Arrived at 10:30 P.M. Remained all night with Mr Campbell who keeps the lock.

Wednesday, July 4th, 1877. Visited Col. Mohler all day with Mamie. Warm day.

Thursday, July 5, 1877. Went boating with Mamie. Rained a little in morning.

Friday, July 6th, 1877. Went with a picnic party up North River Canal. Fell off the boat into one of the <p.18> canal locks & got soaking wet. I got dried off some though & drank a lot of Catawba wine & put in a glorious day. Got home at evening, dressed, went on Capt. Mason’s packet & slept until 2 A.M. when I went up to Mrs Stoners, where Cousin Mamie & Bettie had gone to pay a visit.

Saturday, July 7, 1877. At Mrs Stoners all day. Nice day.

Sunday, July 8, 1877. At Mrs Stoners. We all came down to Balcony Falls at 10 P.M. Nice day.

Monday, July 9, 1877. Visited Col. Mohler in evening.

Tuesday, July 10, 1877. Went up to Cement Mines with Harry O’Locker. Mamie & I climbed the mountain at Balcony Falls in afternoon. Left on boat for Lynchburgh at about 10 P.M.

Wednesday, July 11, 1877. Arrived at Lynchburgh at 6 A.M. Staid all day in Lynchburgh & night at Capt. Jack Yeatman’s, Mamie’s uncle.

Thursday, July 12, 1877. Started for Washington City at 9.25 A.M. Arrived at 6 P.M. Staid all night at Tremont House.

Friday, July 13, 1877. Went around the city in forenoon. Left at 12:25 noon & arrived Baltimore at 2 P.M. Staid at Barnum’s Hotel all night. <p.19>

Saturday, July 14, 1877. Staid in Baltimore until 9:05 P.M. when I left on Northern Central train for Altoona, Pa.

Sunday, July 15, 1877. Arrived at Altoona at 4:30 A.M. Walked out home, at home all day. Mamma is sick in bed.

Monday, July 16, 1877. At home. Nice day.

Tuesday, July 17, 1877. At home nice day. At the office in morning. Trunk came from Baltimore.

Wednesday, July 18, 1877. At home. Nice day. My trunk came from Baltimore.

Thursday, July 19, 1877. At home.

Friday, July 20, 1877. At home.

Saturday, July 21, 1877. At home.

Sunday, July 22, 1877. At home. Great railroad strike broke out.

Monday, July 23, \‘77/. While I was at the office in morning, & Papa was away, a committee of the strikers came to the office and ordered the rolling mill to be closed down.

Tuesday, July 24, 1877. Around home.

Wednesday, July 25, 1877. Went up town on morning train.

Thursday, July 26, 1877. Got some oil paint tubes. Was up town on morning train. <p.20>

Friday, July 27, 1877. Was up to the office in morning, at home in afternoon. Rained in evening. Sent to Phila for a tube of white paint.

Saturday, July 28, 1877. Went to town on Frank in morning. Painted a picture of Natural Bridge.

Sunday, July 29, 1877. At home, rainy. <p.21; last 1½ columns of p.20 left blank>

Monday, July 30, 1877. Painted a picture in the morning. A tube of white paint came by mail in morning. Nice day.

Tuesday, July 31, 1877. At home all day. Am feeling very badly.

Wednesday, August 1st, 1877. Went up town in train in morning. Feel bad. Nice day.

Thursday, August 2, 1877. At home all day. Painted a picture.

Friday, August 3, 1877. Around home. At work on a picture. Thornty taken sick with measles.

Saturday, August 4, 1877. Painted a picture of Lake Itaska.

Sunday, August 5, 1877. At home all day. Mr & Mrs Smiley came down and spent the evening.

Monday, August 6, 1877. At home all day. Mary got the measles in evening. There are four of the family now sick, – Mamma, Mary, Thornty & myself.

Tuesday, August 7, 1877. At home all day. Thornty is able to be up. Nice day.

Wednesday, August 8, 1877. At home all day. Thornty is up and around again. Nice day.

Thursday, August 9, 1877. At home all day. Nice day. <p.22>

Friday, August 10, 1877. Made a lathe in morning. Nice day.

Saturday, August 11, 1877. At home all day. Nice day.

Sunday, August 12, 1877. Papa went to church in morning. Nice day.

Monday, August 13, 1877. Was sick last night with headache. At home all day. Nice day.

Tuesday, August 14, 1877. Rested very badly last night. Had headache and fever. At home all day.

Wednesday, August 15, 1877. – Rested very badly last night. Had headache and fever. At home all day.

Thursday, August 16, 1877. Ill with measles.

Friday, August 17, 1877. Sick with measles.

Saturday, August 18, 1877. Ill with measles. Cannot eat anything.

Sunday, August 19, 1877. Ill with measles.

Monday, August 20, 1877. Ill with measles. Papa ordered a barrel of Bedford water.

Tuesday, August 21, 1877. Ill with measles.

Wednesday, August 22, 1877. Very weak and prostrated from measles.

Thursday, August 23, 1877. Very weak from measles.

Friday, August 24, 1877. Very weak. <p.23>

Saturday, August 25, 1877. Very weak from measles. Can eat but little. Papa was home in afternoon with headache.

Sunday, August 26, 1877. Am getting stronger and appetite is returning.

Monday, August 27, 1877. Am improving rapidly from the effects of measles.

Tuesday, August 28, 1877. Am considerably improved.

Wednesday, August 29, 1877. Am better and able to go around the house.

Thursday, August 30, 1877. The barrel of Bedford water came this morning.

Friday, August 31, 1877. At home all day.

Saturday, September 1st, 1877. Papa left here early this morning on train on business. At home all day.

Sunday, September 2, 1877. Papa went to church. At home all day.

Monday, September 3, 1877. At home all day. Papa & Thornty went up town in evening in mill wagon. Cool. Got a new hired girl, Rosa.

Tuesday, September 4, 1877. At home all day. Rosa got sick and went home in evening.

Wednesday, September 5, 1877. At home all day. Mamma took supper at Hutchi\n/sons. <p.24>

Thursday, September 6, 1877. Rained last night. At home all day. Cool day.

Friday, September 7, 1877. Cool, drizzling day. At home all day.

Saturday, September 8 1877. At home all day. Mame Forsyth came in the evening at 8 o’clock. – Nice day.

Sunday, September 9, 1877. Papa, Millie and Mame Forsyth went to church. Uncle Will Forsyth & Cousin Willie came out with them when church was out. Nice day. I staid at home all day.

Monday, September 10, 1877. Mame and Uncle Will left in the morning for Birmingham Pa., where Mame is to go to a female Seminary. At home all day.

Tuesday, September 11, 1877. At home all day.

Wednesday, September 12, 1877. At home nearly all day. Went up town in Alex. Vaughn’s wagon in afternoon. Nice day. Mamma went up to Smileys in the evening. Papa was yesterday elected Superintendent & Treasurer of the Altoona Iron Co, by the Directors and stockholders.

Thursday, September 13, 1877. At home all day. Nice day.

Friday, September 14, 1877. At home all day.

Saturday, September 15, 1877. At home all day. Uncle Thornt and Aunt Julia came in the evening at 8 o’clock.

Sunday, September 16, 1877. Mame & Willie Forsyth came out in morning. At home all day. Mame staid all night. <p.25>

Monday, September 17, 1877. Mame left in morning. At home all day. Uncle Thornt & Aunt Julia left in evening. We got a new hired girl this morning.


Tuesday, September 18, 1877. At home all day.

Wednesday, September 19, 1877. At home all day.

Thursday, September 20, 1877. At home all day.

Friday, September 21, 1877. At home all day.

Saturday, September 22, 1877. Had a slight frost in morning but not sufficient to do any harm. Went up town in morning to see about taking lessons on the violin. At home in afternoon.

Sunday, September 23, 1877. Went to church in wagon in morning. Will Forsyth came out to see us in afternoon & took supper with us.

Monday, September 24, 1877. Staid at home.

Tuesday, September 25, 1877. Staid at home all day.

Wednesday, September 26, 1877. Staid at home all day.

Thursday, September 27, 1877. Staid at home.

Friday, September 28, 1877. Papa left in the morning on business. Staid at home all day.

Saturday, September 29, 1877. Staid at home all day. Papa came home at 6 P.M. <p.26>

Sunday, September 30, 1877. Papa, Millie & Mary went to church in morning. Nice day.

Monday, October 1, 1877. Staid at home. Nice day.

Tuesday, October 2, 1877. Staid at home. Nice Day

Wednesday, October 3, 1877. Staid at home.

Thursday, October 4, 1877. Staid at home.

Friday, October 5, 1877. Staid at home.

Saturday, October 6, 1877. Staid at home.

Sunday, October 7, 1877. Staid at home.

Monday, October 8, 1877. Busy all day packing up getting ready to move.

Tuesday, October 9, 1877. Packing goods all day.

Wednesday, October 10, 1877. Packed goods in morning. Left on train for Birmingham, Huntingdon Co. Pa. in afternoon. Arrived at about 3 o’clock. Drizzly.

Thursday, October 11, 1877. Spent the day in helping haul goods from R.R. station to the house in Birmingham. The rest of the family, except Papa came in morning train. Cool day.

Friday, October 12, 1877. At home all day in Birmingham. Cool day. <p.27; running head: Birmingham, Penna>

Saturday, October 13, 1877. At home.

Sunday, October 14, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, October 15, 1877. Staid around home.

Tuesday, October 16, 1877. Went after chestnuts.

Wednesday, October 17, 1877. Went after walnuts.

Thursday, October 18, 1877. Went after walnuts.

Friday, October 19, 1877. Went after walnuts.

Saturday, October 20, 1877. Went after walnuts.

Sunday, October 21, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, October 22, 1877. Went to Mountain Seminary to school.

Tuesday, October 23, 1877. Went to school.

Wednesday, October 24, 1877. Went to school in morning. We have no school on Wednesday afternoon at the Seminary.

Thursday, October 25, 1877. Went to school.

Friday, October 26, 1877. Went to school.

Saturday, October 27, 1877. Around home working.

Sunday, October 28, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, October 29, 1877. Went to school.

Tuesday, October 30, 1877. Went to school.

Wednesday, October 31, 1877. Went to school in forenoon. Went to Tyrone & got my hair cut, got a violin string.

Thursday, Nov. 1, 1877. Went to school. Commenced taking lessons in music on violin. <p.28>

Friday, Novem. 2, 1877. Went to school.

Saturday, Nov. 3, 1877. Staid at home.

Sunday, Nov 4, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, Nov 5, 1877. Went to school.

Tuesday, Nov 6, 1877. Went to school.

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1877. Went to school.

Thursday, Nov 8, 1877. Went to school. Commenced taking lessons on violin. [There seems to be something wrong here, see record for Nov 1, but I have forgotten now. J.W.W. June 1882].

Friday, Nov 9, 1877. Went to school.

Saturday, Nov. 10, 1877. Around home.

Sunday, Nov. 11, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, Nov. 12, 1877. Went to school.

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 1877. Went to school.

Wednesday, Nov. 14, 1877. Went to school.

Thursday, Nov 15, 1877. Went to school. Rainy.

Friday, Nov 16, 1877. Went to school.

Saturday, Nov. 17, 1877. Worked around home.

Sunday, Nov. 18, 1877. Communion Day at church. Went.

Monday, Nov. 19, 1877. Went to school.

Tuesday, Nov 20, 1877. Went to school.

Wednesday, Nov 21, 1877. Went to school in morning. <p.29>

Thursday, Nov. 22, 1877. Went to school.

Friday, Nov 23, 1877. Went to school.

Saturday, Nov 24, 1877. At home all day. Will Forsyth came down from Altoona with Papa. [We were now living at Birmingham going to school while Papa was at Altoona in business & came home every Saturday afternoon & went back on Monday. J.W.W. June 1882]

Sunday, Nov 25, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, Nov 26, 1877. Went to school.

Tuesday, Nov 27, 1877. Went to school.

Wednesday, Nov 28, 1877. Went to school in morning. Went to a taffy-pulling at the Seminary in evening.

Thursday, Nov. 29, 1877. Papa came home in morning. Went to church in morning. Thanksgiving Day. Went over to the Seminary in evening.

Friday, Nov 30, 1877. Went to school.

Saturday, Dec. 1, 1877. Staid at home.

Sunday, Dec. 2, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, Dec 3, 1877. Went to school.

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1877. Went to school. <p.30>

Wednesday, Dec 5, 1877. Went to school in morning. Printed envelopes in afternoon.

Thursday, Dec. 6, 1877. Went to school.

Friday, Dec. 7, 1877. Went to school in morning.

Saturday, Dec. 8, 1877. Staid at home.

Sunday, Dec. 9, 1877. Staid at home.

Monday, Dec 10, 1877. Staid at home.

Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 1877. Staid at home.

Wednesday, Dec 12, 1877. Staid at home. Went to Tyrone in morning.

Thursday, Dec. 13, 1877. Staid at home.

Friday, Dec. 14, 1877. Staid at home.

Saturday, Dec. 15, 1877. Staid at home. Finished making ash-sifter.

Sunday, Dec. 16, 1877. Went to church.

Monday, Dec 17, 1877. Staid at home.

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1877. Staid at home.

Wednesday, Dec 19, 1877. Staid at home. Nettie Marr & Mame Forsyth visited us in afternoon.

Thursday, Dec 20, 1877. Staid at home.

Friday, Dec. 21, 1877. Staid around home.

Saturday, Dec 22, 1877. Staid around home. <p.31>

Sunday, Dec 23, 1877. Staid at home.

Monday, Dec 24, 1877. Staid at home. Papa came in evening.

Tuesday, Dec. 25, 1877. Staid at home nearly all day. Was shooting at a target in morning.

Wednesday, Dec 26, 1877. Staid at home.

Thursday, Dec. 27, 1877. Staid at home.

Friday, Dec 28, 1877. Was at Cree’s nearly all d day making a bookcase.

Saturday, Dec 29, 1877. Went Was at Cree’s in morning.

Sunday, Dec 30, 1877. Staid at home.

Monday, Dec 31, 1877. Staid at home. Cold day.



During all this year I had very poor health. Some time in Dec 1876 I took cold from which I could get no relief. It clung to me, and the Dr advised that I go South. So in March I went to Virginia where I remained until July. During my sojourn there I recovered from the cold, but my general health was very poor. I had a pain in my side whenever I would walk fast, & never could enjoy myself much. After I came back from Virginia & we had moved to Birmingham <p.32> my health became somewhat better. I went to school awhile in Birmingham at Mountain Seminary, but quit before Christmas on account of my health. Yet now (July 26th 1882) I wish I was in as good health as I was then. I remember that in the fall, in Oct. & November, though very weak & in poor health I had some real pleasure roaming about the woods with Thornty & Werney gathering walnuts. We gathered a good many up by Laurel Springs. I made a pair of Climbers & climbed up on the big trees by Laurel Springs and came very near falling down one day. During all the time from the time I went to Birmingham Fielding D. Stonerode was my intimate friend and companion. He & I quit school at the same time, & we spent the rest of the time till Christmas loafing together. Nearly every day I was either up at his house or he down to mine. We did a good bit of reading though in the meantime.

I don’t know that I ever enjoyed any time in <p.33> my life better than the few days I spent at Balcony Falls, Va. from July 4th. I had lots of fun, every one treated me so well, and I really hated to leave the place. When there Mr Campbell was the Lock-Keeper & I staid at his house. Mamie & Bettie Yeatman were staying there at the same time. I had lots of fun at the picnic up Monte River Canal. Oh My! but Harry O’Locker did drink the wine that day, (but he was not intoxicated). I had a nice time, too, the day Mamie Yeatman & I climbed up Point Lookout. Mamie thought when we started that I could not stand the trip, but I think she repented of having expressed that opinion before we reached the summit. We had Harry O’Locker’s spy-glass along and enjoyed the view from the top very much.

II.E.e. John Wright Wheatley, school composition, 1876

[This composition has evidently been marked by a teacher – probably Miss Snyder, whose school John attended in the fall of 1876. Misspelled or misused words have been underlined in pencil, a few corrections have been made (given in italics below), and the grade “5+” given at the end. The teacher missed several errors.]

Memorial Hall.

The person who attempts completely to describe all the wonderful curiosities and interesting things that were to be seen at the Great International Exhibition of 1876, enters upon the laborious task with about as much prospect of succeeding as if he were to attempt a description of the inhabitants of the moon, – if, indeed, it have any. I profess that I can not do it, and I never heard of the individual who had the audacity and presumption to say that he could do it, unless he be blessed with a life as long as Methuselah’s, and have his mental vigor preserved to the full end of his days. If a man were to tell me that he could fully, thoroughly, and completely describe the wonderful contents of this unparrelled exhibition of the world’s industry and ingenuity, I should think he was either joking, or else his mind was a little deranged, or, perhaps, I should think he was self-conceited. If there is a man in the universe who thinks he has the ability and perseverance requisite for the successful performance of this Herculean task, I say to him, “Get to work; you have an opportunity for making your name famous”; for I maintain that the man who accomplishes this will stand on an equal footing with the brightest luminaries of literature.

I visited the Exposition in July, 1876. Having given the exhibits of Main Building a superficial examination, I ascended one of the towers on that building for the purpose of obtaining a panoramic view of the grounds and surrounding country. Ah! the scene was indescribably beautiful and sublime. Far to the east, bounded by the placid Schuylkill and turbid Deleware lay the magnificent Centennial City <p.2>

The country to the west was undulating, sloping by gradual terraces to the Schuylkill.

Words are impotent to convey any idea of the beauty of the Exhibition grounds. The monstrous Exhibition buildings, thousands of feet in length, were absolutely grand. The numerous structures erected by the several states; the restaurants and bazaars; the various government buildings and offices; all these tended to diversify the scene, and the vast beds of flowering plants, cultivated by the most skillful gardeners, rendered the grounds like one immense garden.

My most sanguine anticipations of the beauty and grandeur of the Centennial were now surpassed.

I should very much like to tell you of what I saw in the Main Building, Machinery Hall &c, but I will \shall/ merely tell you of a few curiosities that I saw in these buildings, and then give a more extended description of what I saw in Memorial Hall, having been requested to do so.

In the Main Building I saw, among other things, some Peruvian mummies, which had been found in a mound in Peru. They had evidently been interred with great care and superstitious reverence, for their implements of war and cooking utensils were had been buried with them, – much after the custom of the North American Indians. They were all dried and shriveled like a dried pumpkin or apple.

In Machinery Hall I saw a Printing press which printed 10,000 newspapers in an hour.

In Agricultural Hall, I saw the plow that Daniel Webster used when a farmer near Marshfield, Mass. <p.3>

In this building I also saw wine in bottles as large as a barrel.

In the United States Government Building I saw a great many Washington relics, including the compass that he used when surveying in the Allegheney Mountains. I also saw the suit of clothes that “Old Hickory” (Andrew Jackson) wore at the battle of New Orleans, in 1815.

I shall now confine myself exclusively to a description of what I saw in Memorial Hall. Memorial Hall stands exactly opposite the Main Building and cost $2,200,000. It is the most valuable and beautiful buildings on the grounds, and is to remain as a permanent Memorial of the Centennial Exhibition. It was used as a repository of paintings, statuary, and the fine arts.

There were so many fine paintings exhibited that it is superfluous for me to specify all of them. I shall, however, mention some that especially were interesting to me.

The paintings in the United States Exhibit to which I paid most attention were of an historical character. The paintings which I shall describe are as follows: “Old Ironsides”; “The Battle between the Constitution and the Guerriere”; “The Battle of Gettysburg”; “Portrait of Washington”; “Portrait of Andrew Jackson”; “Portrait of Gen. Meade”; “The Queen of Cyprus recieving presents”; “Marriage of the Prince of Wales”; “Rizpah protecting her Sons”.

“Old Ironsides” was about 6x8 feet in size. On the bottom of the frame was fastened a block of wood about 6 inches square, which was taken from the origonal “Constitution”.

“The Battle between the Constitution and the Guerriere”, was about as large as the painting just described. <p.4> It was a sublime representation of a naval battle. On the masts of the “Constitution” the American Flag floated triumphantly. Shot and shell were flying everywhere. The vessels were literally enveloped by the dense volumes of smoke which issued from the huge artillery. This was one of the most brilliant battles ever fought by our American tars.

“The Battle of Gettysburgh” was a very large painting being almost as long as the school-house. It was a roughly executed picture, but, when viewed at a distance, it represented this famous battle with vivid effect.

“The Portrait of Washington”, was about 4x8 feet. This is the celebrated picture executed by Gilbert Stuart, the famous painter of Revolutionary times.

The “Portrait of Andrew Jackson”, was life-size, and is said to be a faithful representation of the Patriotic Hero of New Orleans.

The “Portrait of Gen Meade”, also was life size, and hung on the wall opposite “The Battle of Gettysburgh”.

In the Austrian Department I saw, among other fine paintings, one called “The Queen of Cyprus recieving Presents”. This picture 16x12 feet, and was one of the richest paintings in the whole exhibition. Its value is enormous.

Another large picture which particularly attracted my attention as being finely executed was “The Marriage of the Prince of Wales”.

There were a great many of Landseer’s Pictures of Animals. This celebrated artist seems to have had a peculiar genius for painting animals, as nearly all of his paintings are of this character.

In the English Department were many of Benjamin <p.5> West’s masterpieces, among which I saw the “Death of Wolfe”.

The pictures in the French Exhibit were remarkable for their obscenity. “Rizpah protecting her sons”, though finely executed was of an immoral character.

On the subject of statuary, I shall be brief. There were such a multitudes of statues that I paid but little attention to them. “The Minute Man of ‘76”, was a fine piece by some American sculptor.

In the Austrian Department was a large bronze statue representing a freed slave. In his hand he held the Emancipation Proclamation. It was a fine work of art.

In the “Rotunda” was a large bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln.

There were several statues of Washington and other distinguished Americans.

In conclusion I will say that what I saw in Memorial Hall was exceedingly interesting and entertaining and I would not have foregone the pleasure, derived from visiting it for a good deal.

John W. Wheatley.