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WordPress 1.5 Theme Competition
Friday 25 March 2005 @ 1:08 pm

I’ve submitted a theme for the WordPress 1.5 Theme Competition, squeeking in before the deadline. It’s called Greenwood and it’s based on the design for my family history blog. Now that it’s up with other people’s content populating it I see lots of bugs, but it’s probably too late to fix them now.

I’m impressed with WordPress’s modular structure, allowing you to install plugins and themes very easily. It’s not quite the true separation of presentation from content that an XML/XSL environment gives you, but it’s very workable.

The competition has brought in an amazing variety of designs (105 at the moment). My favourites are Benevolence (maybe a reaction to the four inches of snow we’ve had the last couple of days) and ChinaRed (dramatic colours, but very clean).

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  •   Brian wrote:

    Hello ;-)

    Just want to say that I love your theme for wordpress, infact I am in the planning stages of a new site that will focus on national parks. After reading your posts I am a bit concerned about the “bugs” ..

    I am also very new at wordpress, the site in mention will have several sections including the blog powered by word press. This means I will need to format my own html pages or template to refex the look of the wordpress blog.

    Is your greenwood theme ok to use? What are the bugs? Please drop me an email admin ;-)



  •   bi11i wrote:

    I’d really like to use your Greenwood theme, (color style, graphics, etc) as a base design for a website I’m working on. Any chance I could get your permission to do so? I’ll gladly leave credit where it’s do.

    Thanks in advance…

  •   kcyap wrote:

    I had organise a WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition for the very first time. You can check it out at http://kcyap.com/?p=47

    I am happy if you can help me to blog about it and send me the link to your entry or you can add your blog link entry to my comment. Im looking forward to get an email from you.

    I Hope you can be one of the participants =))


  •   kvivian wrote:

    Love Greenwood. I’m using it for my blog. Thought you’d like to know. I hope to get a little bolder and make a few modifications soon, but I love the basic design and have found it quite easy to understand and use…and I have no prior experience with blogging templates. Your code notations are very good. Thanks!
    –Kaye Vivian

  •   Geoff Kegerreis wrote:

    Hey Peter,

    Like the others who have commented on your theme design, Greenwood – it was the best I have seen, so I picked it. I am a registered forester in Michigan and I have used your theme to offer information to those landowners wanting to “do it themselves” instead of hiring a consultant. If you have wishes to visit it, feel free. I am still in the process of building it before promotion, but I think you will get the idea.

    I am wondering what the notes in the footer are all about… aka, “just what do you think you are doing, Dave?” hee hee…

    THANKS FOR THE DESIGN!!! Greenwood is – aethetically outstanding –

    Geoff Kegerreis

  •   alto wrote:

    hi folks
    hi peter
    thankyou for greenwood.

    i love it the moment i saw it
    and have been using for over a year now.

    and i have just noticed that in IE
    the sidebar is disappearing.
    it is also happening on these WORDPRESS greenwood site below.


    the forestry guy above seems to be having sidebar problems also.
    have a look at his http://www.timberlineforestry.com/blog

    is anyone else having the same problem?
    my wordpress version is

    i took a look at Kaye Vivians site in both IE and firefox.
    working beautifully in firefox.
    in IE, the column is NOT disappearing, text just cant be seen without highlighting

    peter, can you please post us a fix for this.
    i certainly do not want to have to change themes.
    i love greenwood only

    also copy email to

  •   Ed wrote:

    Hello Peter,

    I too saw your theme at the WordPress site and thought it was the best one to use as a template for my start into blogging. Thank You very much for creating it.

    Unfortuantely, I too had some problems with the display of the right sidebar (it did not display), and that sidebar gives the Greenwood theme much of its ‘greenness’ so I was somewhat disappointed.

    However, a friend of mine was able to provide me with a fix that may, or may not, help any who run into this issue. I can only act as a ‘parrot’ in this matter as my own tecnical skills are not up to the task.

    By using the XHTML validator (ironically enough found on the sidebar), an error was found on line 118 of my install. My friend created a diff file that delineates the problem. I reproduce it here for any who are interested:

    — wp-includes/template-functions-post.php.orig 2006-01-25 02:38:43.000000000 -0500
    +++ wp-includes/template-functions-post.php 2006-08-30 21:29:26.000000000 -0400
    @@ -349,9 +349,8 @@
    // Query pages.
    $pages = & get_pages($args);
    if ( $pages ) {

    if ( $r[‘title_li’] )
    – $output .= ” . $r[‘title_li’] . ”;
    + $output .= ” . $r[‘title_li’] . ”;

    // Now loop over all pages that were selected
    $page_tree = Array();
    @@ -384,7 +383,7 @@
    // child_of defaults to 0 if not supplied in the query.
    $output .= _page_level_out($r[‘child_of’],$page_tree, $r, 0, false);
    if ( $r[‘title_li’] )
    – $output .= ”;
    + $output .= ”;

    $output = apply_filters(‘wp_list_pages’, $output);

    By noting the plus and minus signs, and looking at your own install, you should be able to modify the file so it works correctly for you. Hopefully anyone having this display issue will be benefitted by this.

    In closing, Thank You again for this theme, Peter!


  •   Ed wrote:

    Hi again,

    Well, my ignorance might shine brightly as that didn’t work.
    Ok, text, instead of code.

    On the first output line indicated by the minus sign, replace:

    open angle bracket li with open angle bracket div

    AND be sure to include:

    open angle bracket slash div close angle bracket

    before the closing bracketed ul

    On the second output line indicated by the minus sign, remove:

    open angle bracket slash li close angle bracket

    between the bracketed ul and the semicolon.

    There’s probably a way to escape these characters so as to be more readable but I’m sorry, that will have to suffice for now.


  •   alto wrote:

    hi ed

    your site looks good.
    for a person whose ignorance shines brightly, you have done well.

    only trouble is, i have no idea by following your instructions, on how to fix my site.

    can you give me the very basic instructions, also for the others?
    specifically kaye vivian


  •   alto wrote:

    hi folks
    i have just reinstalled all the greenwood files.
    the site works perfectly in both firefox and IE.
    with no alteration at all???

    i downloaded the theme from

    so now, i am going to add to the sidebar
    get recent comments
    and see how i go


  •   alto wrote:

    hi all

    i have finally worked out how to put links in properly.

    replace this text

    ‘, ”, ”, FALSE, ‘id’, FALSE);; ?>
    with this text


    now i will open the site in IE and see how it looks


  •   Michele Q. wrote:

    The problem I’m having is what I am seeing on everyone else’s page when viewed in IE the left side inset box disappears except for the very top. In Firefox it’s fine but not IE. Anyone know how to fix this?

  •   Cynthia Armistead wrote:

    Hi there :-) I love the theme, and in fact we just started using it on one of my partner’s blogs at http://heartofthehunter.com/ .

    I was wondering if you had any plans to update the theme so that it can be used with widgets?


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