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I won! I won!
Thursday 31 March 2005 @ 9:26 pm

Well, OK, I won a random draw for a book in the WordPress theme competition. But still, it’s just so… I never… (sorry, sorry, I’ll be OK in a minute)… it’s just neat. The book is The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web by Dave Shea (creator of the CSS Zen Garden) and Molly E. Holzschlag. All eight reviewers on Amazon give it five stars; I can’t wait to see it. Too bad the blog entry announcing the winners revealed more bugs in my design… who knew there’d be numbered and bulleted lists?

By the way, LetterHead (which is the theme for this blog, in slightly modified form) shared the prize for Most Versatile Design.

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  •   Hatshepsut Nahyan wrote:

    I have installed the Greenwood theme and love it. It’s so warm and inviting. I only have one question. How do you change the comment wording? I have gone into the code and found out where one usually changes it, updated the file and it’s still not changed. Is there something in the coding that is preventing me to change it or am I just doing to wrong? please help.

  •   Podchef wrote:

    Hey, don’t know if you are offering any help on Greenwood, but I’d sure appreciate it. . .
    I’m loosely using it to drive a site for a monastery. It really fits in with the feel of the place. I’m a newby at modding themes, so forgive me.

    I am having problems in that when ever there is a photo in a post the Capital letter in of the first word of the first sentance–usually in green–does not render. Is there any way of fixing that? Also, that same nifty capital motiff is missing in pages. Is there any way to get it there? There are a few other glitches with the altered sidebar and a header I can’t tame, but the Capitals are my main concern at the moment.

    Overall, though, it’s a great theme. You can see what I’m doing with it here:


  •   Cynthia Blue wrote:

    I also love the theme, but it is not widgetized. I tried to make it support widgets but now when I do, any save causes a blank page to come up. :( If you have any help I would appreciate it, thanks.

  •   MK Hayes wrote:

    I’ve been using a modified version on Greenwood for a couple of years now, and have worked to update it for widgets. I’ve thought a couple of times about abandoning it and modifying an up to date theme to look similar, but there is nothing currently available that’s variable width, or not using a top bar. I’m thinking about submitting it to put it back into the available themes pile, and wanted to check with you first. (I still need to check for compatibility with IE, which I haven’t done yet because I really don’t care.) There are still some bugs to work out, mostly involved with clearing (or not) of the widgets. Please let me know if you consider this an abandoned project.

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