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OpenURLs in WordPress
Monday 6 June 2005 @ 9:04 am

Eric left a note about the problem I had incorporating a latent OpenURL into a WordPress comment. In a follow-up email forwarded from another discussion, alf pointed out that I was trying to put the link in a comment, where WordPress is more suspicious of all links. So, here’s one in a posting, and it works: []. You’ll need an appropriate plugin to see anything between the square brackets; for me, it looks like this:

Activated latent OpenURL

What we need now is a new button on the WordPress editing screen:

Wordpress Editing Screen

I need an “OpenURL” button: click it, get a popup form where I can input the citation metadata, and when I submit it the latent OpenURL is inserted in the post I’m writing.

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  •   lukethelibrarian wrote:

    You know, I wrote up a concept paper about this a couple months back, partly in response to Chudnov & Frumkin’s concept paper from last December. I think that “latent OpenURL” is the ultimate direction, but it requires a lot of parties to get on board for it to work, and that makes it less accessible to the ordinary user for now. The idea I propose in my paper is an intermediate solution — not as slick as autodiscovery, but also possibly more accessible to more users with current technology. I’d be interested to hear what you think.

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