[Update: get latest version here.]

Here’s a quick-and-dirty plugin for Wordpress to create latent OpenURLs (following Openly’s proposed syntax) and insert them into a Wordpress posting. It adds a button to the quicktags menu on Wordpress’s post editing screen. The button works like the link button: clicking it brings up a popup window (slowly), containing a form with basic OpenURL fields for a journal article. When the form is filled and submitted, the OpenURL is created in the post. The plugin is based on the Edit Button Framework by Owen Winkler. For non-Wordpress users, it looks like this:

Wordpress OpenURL plugin

To install it, download the plugin and put it (it’s a single php file) in your wp-content/plugins directory. Go to the Plugins page of your Wordpress admin interface and activate the plugin. When you edit a post, the new OpenURL button should be there.

Here’s a test OpenURL generated by the plugin: [] As always, you’ll need your own means of activating the latent OpenURL, such as Openly’s browser plug in. Or just view source.

Where should a tool like this go next? Ideally, it wouldn’t force you to retype anything; perhaps you could paste in the url of a MarcXML or MODS record, and it would import the record and generate an OpenURL. If you’ve got a working OpenURL, you could paste it in and the plugin would strip off the base url for you.