There’s a “Five things you didn’t know about me” meme floating around, but in honour of Time’s Person of the Year, let’s turn it around.

Five things I didn’t know about You

  1. Your love of libraries goes back to a childhood fascination with the drawers of the card catalogue - sliding one out, unscrewing the brass rod, shuffling the cards…
  2. You suspect that your pet(s) may be smarter than you, but this only stiffens your resolve not to share power
  3. You know how to distinguish Thomson from Thompson (or Dupond from Dupont) by the shape of their moustaches
  4. You have feeds in your newsreader that you will never, ever look at again, and yet you can’t bring yourself to unsubscribe
  5. The most humiliating moment you can recall came during that high school Gilbert and Sullivan production; but there are many others you have forgotten

And of course, I tag … you.