Here’s one for my fellow ETS users. Edmonton has a decent transit system for a city its size, but ETS’ website is oh so all but. Bus stops have four- or five-digit numbers, and you can check the schedule for your local stop for the coming hour; but you can’t bookmark it. You have to remember the number and type it into a form every time. I tried to build a bookmarklet to take care of this a year ago, but gave up in frustration at the incredible top-heaviness of the Plumtree portal system the city uses: there are acres of Javascript for even the simplest task.

They’ve been working on it, though, and it is now possible to produce a (rather lengthy) bookmarklet to do the trick. Just drag this link to your links bar (or right click and add to favorites), open its properties and change the stop number from mine to yours in the BusStop variable at the beginning of the javascript. Note that it uses your computer’s clock to determine the timeframe for the query, so if your clock is fast by five minutes you won’t see the bus that’s arriving in three.

(Tested on Firefox and IE7; may break without warning the next time the city upgrades their site).