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Appendix - Catalogue of Wheatley / Williams Papers

A handlist of the papers on which this history is based. I have described them briefly in the order in which they have come down.

The papers in this box were assembled by various grandchildren of William McCoy Wheatley, and sorted and classified by Jean Williams in June 1962. They are stored in an alphabetical accordion file (I), a series of large manilla envelopes (II), several rolled papers and photographs (III), as well as the ledgers of William McCoy Wheatley in the chest (IV), the photograph albums in the chest (V), miscellaneous items from the chest and elsewhere (VI), and a separate box that Jean kept after sorting the papers in 1962 (VII). In cataloging them I have tried to disturb Jean’s arrangement as little as possible: I have not moved papers from one envelope to another, but I have sorted 19th-century letters into chronological order where possible. In general, I have followed the principle that at this stage it is more important to describe the material than to sort it. I have marked the envelopes with letters in a circle with black felt-tip pen, and I have marked letters on the rolls in pencil, but otherwise I have not put identifying marks on any of the papers; it is therefore crucial that papers be carefully returned to their place, preferably in the order in which they are found.

The hierarchy of classifications is I.A.a.1.i.


JW: John Wheatley (1758-1840)
JWW1 John Wright Wheatley (1797-1873)
WMW: William McCoy Wheatley (1827-1900)
MMHW: Mildred Maria Humes Wheatley (1838-1908)
JWW2: John Wright Wheatley, brother of WMW (1833-?)
JWW3: John Wright Wheatley, son of WMW (1861-1931)
HGWW: Harriet Gilmore Wheatley Williams (1871-1962)
WIW: William Irvin Williams (1866-1947)
MMcB: Mary Eliza Wheatley Bishop McBride (1865-1958)
JeanWW: Jean Williams (1911-?)
HTW: Harlan Thomas Williams (1902-1986)
ETW: Evan Thomas Williams
PAB: Peter Allen Binkley (1959-)
CAR: Catherine Ann Ross (1951-) TYW: T.Y. Williams
MJKW: Mary Jane Kinnear Williams RWB: Robert Williams Binkley TEB: Thomas Eden Binkley

Noted: notes on family history entered in file “notes.txt”

Table of Contents

I. Alphabetical accordian file

I.A. “Wm. M. Wheatley engravings papers”

I.B. “John W. Wheatley [JWW3]. Letters from his parents in 1870; A few other papers”

I.C. “Mildred Hume (grandmother) Letters 1852-57; also - a letter from John C. Hume”

I.D. “Wheatley, Thornton”

I.E. “Wheatley, Mary - Letters, sorted.”

I.F. Two folders:

I.G. “Wheatley, Werner”

I.H. “Werner Wheatley papers”

I.IJ. “Wheatley, Mildred - Letters, School books”

I.K. “Harriet Wheatley Williams unsorted papers”

I.L. “Harriet Williams Papers - unsorted”

I.M. “Harriet Williams Papers - unsorted”

I.N. “W.I. Williams”

I.O. “W.I. Williams”

I.PQ. “Letters, W.I.W. to Harriet Wheatley, 1892-95 before marriage”

I.R. Empty.

I.S. “Miscellaneous Newspaper Clips”

I.T. Empty.

I.UV. “H.T. Williams”

I.W. “H.T. Williams - unsorted”

I.XYZ. “H.T. Williams - unsorted”

II. Envelopes; labeled with capital letter in circle, with black felt-tip pen, by PAB, 25 April 1997.

II.A. “Photos”

“1) Unidentified 19th c., all portraits (i) mostly by Pennsylvania photographers, (ii) from Iowa, Wash., Oregon. 2) Distant Relatives, Wheatley side, and friends of family; 3) Wheatley family; Thornton, Werner, John Wheatley and others, 19th and early 20th c.; 4) 19th c. portraits of Kinnears and Eatons related to Williams family; 5) Houses and Buildings: Mostly Pennsylvania but some others also”

II.C. “Love letters, Wm. and Mildred Wheatley”

II.E. “John Wright Wheatley, Jr., diaries, school notebooks (1876-77)”

II.F. “Family History: Wheatleys, Rowlands, Humes etc.” Mary McBride’s notes.

II.G. “War records (Revolution and Civil War) of various members of Wheatley branch, incl. Rowlands, etc. - Various hand-written letters, etc. Concerning family history of Wheatleys, etc. - of some importance.”

II.H. “These are some notes on early history of Wheatleys, by H.T.W. [=Harlan Thomas Williams] 1965.”

II.I. “Wheatley documents”

II.J. File folder, labeled “Corresp. w/S.A.R. The Ancestry, etc.” (correspondence of Harlan T. Williams, c.1956-63, with family info. corresponding to MMcB’s notes; also typed history of Kinnear and Williams families)

II.K. “1) Letter, 1805, from someone in England; 2) John Wheatley’s will (a copy of original); 3) Old news clip about ancestor Withington; 4) Envelop of notes identifying old objects, sent to mother by Aunt Mary.”

II.L. Box, labeled “Contents. 1) W.I. Williams - History of Wms. family … 2) Harl Williams - “My Days on the Rock Creek” … 3) large envelope containing valuable documents, etc. of Williams family”

II.M. “D.A.R., S.A.R. - Applications filled out for various members of family. Useful in verifying historical data.”

II.N. Unlabeled envelope. II.N…. (school exercises etc., c.1915)

II.O. “1) Wedding certificate, & wedding mementoes, some other things saved by mother (Harriet Wheatley Williams); 2) A notebook of mother’s; 3) A sketchbook of Mother’s”

II.P. Folder containing photograph of John Wright Wheatley (1861-1931), with note by MMcB on the back.

II.Q. “Aunt Mary - Shares in mining companies purchased by her husband, 1880’s”

II.R. “Mother’s scrapbook & other material which she used for her children.”

II.S. “Photos - 1) Loose, 3, of logging camp. Unidentified. 2) Scenes … grouped as Wheatley photos. 3) Scenes at (1) Sandon, B.C., (2) Sprague Wash. 4) Portraits… 5) ditto… 6) Photos …”

II.T. “Fort Sherman: papers collected by Mother. ‘Steptoe Butte and other old papers’ - Mother”

II.U. “McCarthy Portraits”

II.V. “Williams Photos (portraits) …”

II.W. “‘Eyes for the Navy’ Certificate” (MMcB)

II.X. Fake leather folder stamped “Writing Portfolio” on the front, containing letters to Harlan Thomas Williams. (No serial letter added)

II.Y. “Daughters of the Confederacy - Papers of Mary Wheatley McBride …”

II.Z. “World War I, pictures, clips. Saved by W.I. Williams at Lewiston, Idaho, during the war.”

II.AA. “Photos - 1) Residences of Chas. M. Wheatley and 2) Thornton Wheatley, Americus GA. 4) (sic) Richmond Howitzer monument… 5) Duplicate of 4.” (MMcB)

II.BB. Copy of printed book: Time Out: A Pictorial History of the 119th Seabees (Harlan T. Williams’ unit in World War II), with some handwritten letters inserted. (No serial letter added)

II.CC. Large cards with old indentures pasted to them, labeled “Documents”

II.DD. Bundle of old newpapers

III. Rolls (various rolled papers and photographs); labeled with capital letter in circle, in pencil, by PAB, 25 April 1997.

III.A. Several landscape photographs.

III.B. Blueprint of descendants of Donald McCoy (by Werner Wheatley?) - copy of D (below).

III.C. Torn landscape photograph, with pencil note “Fort Benton” on the back

III.D. Blueprint of descendants of Donald McCoy (by Werner Wheatley?).

III.E. More landscape photos, one labeled “Fort Benton Montana” in pencil on the back.

III.F. Paper towel roll containing photo, with label: “Photo, unidentified. Looks like Grandpa Wms (goatee) & Uncle John Wheatley next to him, to right. Is this possible? Jean Williams.”

IV. Ledgers (from chest)

IV.A. Ledger 1: John Boyd’s accounts, Northumberland 1802-1817, and John W. Wheatley’s accounts, Northumberland 1821-1832 (JWW turned Boyd’s unfinished ledger over and started from the other end)

IV.B. Ledger 2: John Wheatley, Northumberland, 1840 - c.1856, with some later entries. Some loose business letters dated 1854 are tucked in, also an accounting sheet for tolls on the ferry (bridge?) between Northumberland and Sunbury for the week ending Sun. 26 Sept. 1830. Insertions:

IV.C. Ledger 3: WMW’s accounts, Northumberland, 1862 and 1867

IV.D. Ledger 4: WMW’s accounts, Northumberland and (apparently) Missouri, 1860-63, 1866-73.

Some loose letters to WMW and other scraps are tucked in; they indicate that he was living in Gravois Mills, Morgan Co., Missouri in 1871-72 at least, and that he acted as agent for Pennsylvanians who owned land in Missouri (taking care of their taxes and assessments, for a fee). There is also a letter from “T Wheatley” (Israel Thornton Wheatley, I assume) to his brother WMW from Americus Ga, 8 Aug. 1872, indicating that their brothers Charles and John are also in Americus. A couple of incomplete letters: from WMW’s father John to WMW, asking for information about WMW’s accounts (apparently he was handling WMW’s affairs in Pennsylvania), and a letter from a lawyer in Springfield Ohio, dated 11 Dec. 1868, to Mildred M. Humes Wheatley, advising her and her brothers to accept a settlement offered in a case they had brought over some Carlin inheritance (her father’s mother’s name was Elizabeth Carlin).

V. Photo albums (from chest)

V.A. Red Plush Album

V.B. Large Black Album, grey card pages, two bolts

V.C. Small Black Album, grey paper pages.

V.D. Large Black Album, black paper pages.

V.E. Large Black Album, grey paper pages, labeled “Photos: Williams Family, Uncle Ed”.

V.F. Small Black Album, labeled “Homestead near Versailles, Mo.”

(has notes by MMcB inserted, written on Thornton Wheatley’s business card).

V.G. Small Red Album.

VI. Other items from chest.

VI.A. Brown manilla folder (from chest) (now in VII box)

Appears to be MAW’s material.

VI.B. Blue binder: “Carruthers Case” (now in VII box)

VI.C. Book of Common Prayer belonging to Eliza Stuart Gilmore.

VI.D. Scrapbook from chest, with label on front: “Wheatley, mostly. Obits, other clips from newspapers” (JeanWW).

VII. Jean Wheatley Williams’ box (1969)

This box contains materials that Jean kept for herself after sorting Frances Binkley’s papers in 1962. Jean sent these materials to RWB in 1969. The box contains several manilla envelopes, like the ones in Harlan’s box. I have added identifying letters (PAB, 18 May 1997). As well as papers, the box contains various objects, including a sort of purse containing doilies and handkerchiefs, one with a “W” monogram, and a photo of HGWW in a small brass frame.

VII.A. Letters from the Georgia Wheatleys, 1877-1900. (All with typed transcription by JeanWW.)

VII.B. Bundle of file folders tied with cord

VII.C. Genealogical charts by JeanWW

Mostly the same as those in the red plush album, V.A above, but perhaps updated; also a handwritten note labeled “Mother [HGWW] dictated this to me, 1957. J.W. [JeanWW]”: family history, some new information.

VII.D. Picture of Juliaetta, Idaho (JeanWW’s birthplace)

VII.E. Typescript of J. Harl Williams, “My Days on the Rock Creek” (28 pages, carbon copy)

VII.F. “Drawing by Harriet Wheatley Williams” [HGWW]

VII.G. File folder: “Hollidaysburg Seminary catalogue 1894-95”

VII.H. “Portrait of Wm. Wheatley” (another copy of the engraving, I.A.a above)

VII.I. “Old astronomy book”: Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy (New York: Cady & Burgess, 1851). Used by Mary Ada Humes (1844-1860), MMHW, JWW3, etc.

VII.J Misc. items from FWB and her family.

VII.K. Two books:

VII.L. Orange folder: “For Robert Binkley: The Caruthers Story” (apparently a revised version of the booklet in the chest, with handwritten notes in an envelope, including a letter from May Caruthers to Eva J. Caruthers, Huntsville, 8 Aug. 1876.)

VII.M. Miscellaneous loose items