More Sources on the World Bibliographic Congress, 1929

The IFLA website has some newly-mounted historical materials on the World Bibliographic Congress in Italy in 1929, about which I’ve been blogging here in the “Summer in Italy” series. The materials include a conference program (really a brochure), a report on the Congress by Marcel Godet, director of the Swiss National Library, and a poster. (There’s a low-res colour version of that poster here.) Best of all is a link to a couple of short newsreel snippets of the congressisti on the Palatine Hill and at the Villa Falconieri (Microsoft Silverlight needed). I don’t spot Bob or Frances in these films (they avoided the big social gatherings, it seems), but the clips give a sense of the occasion, frock coats and all. (If those links don’t work, go to the IFLA page and follow the instructions for finding the clips on the Cinecittà Luce website).

Just above the Congress materials, there’s a link to “A Chronology of IFLA Sessions, 1927-2009” by Jeffrey M. Wilhite, which has a useful summary of the Congress at pp.14-16.