Dec. 10 ~ Birth of Robert C. Binkley

Binkley born in Lititz, Pennsylvania


Feb. 25 ~ Birth of Frances Williams

Frances born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


June ~ Enlists in USAAS

Binkley joined a Stanford ambulance company, which became SSU 578 of the US Army Ambulance Service, and was sent to Allentown, Pennsylvania for training.

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Jan. 9 ~ Embarks for Europe

The unit passed through England and received further training in France.

June 1-26 ~ Battle of Belleau Wood

SSU 578 was in action for the first time

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Oct. 16 ~ Cited for distinguished service

Binkley received the Silver Star for gallantry in action, making several ambulance runs under heavy bombardment at Fléville, France, during the Argonne Offensive.

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Feb.-June ~ Student at Dijon and then Lyon

July-Dec. ~ Gathering archival materials in Paris and London

Under the direction of E.D. Adams, Binkley helped gather materials from Peace Conference delegations and war-time societies and government agencies for the embryonic Hoover War Library.

Dec. ~ Returns to California

Sails from Liverpool and reaches the new Binkley Ranch at Cobb, California, on Christmas Eve, after 2½ years away.


1922 ~ A.B., Stanford University


📖 Feb.-May ~ "Trend in Europe"

Bob and Frances collaborated on columns on international affairs for the San Francisco Journal.

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1924 ~ A.M., Stanford University

Thesis: “The Reestablishment of the Independence of the Hanseatic Cities, 1813-1815.”

Sept. 13 ~ Bob and Frances marry

Bob and Frances married at Stanford


June ~ Birth of Jean

Jean born in Palo Alto, California


📖 Early 1926 ~ "Barnwoggler's Invention"

An unpublished and now lost story by Binkley about a research machine.

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📖 Jan. ~ “New Light on Russia’s War Guilt.”

Current History 23.4 (1926): 531–533. Binkley’s first publication to gain public attention.

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Publicity shot of Binkley in the Hoover War Library.

Feb. 13 ~ Death of Jean

Jean died in Palo Alto, California

📖 June ~ Article: “A New Interpretation of the ‘Responsibility’ Clause in the Versailles Treaty.”

(with A. C. Mahr). Current History 24.3 (1926): 398-400.

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1927 ~ Ph.D., Stanford University

Dissertation: “Reactions of European Public Opinion to Woodrow Wilson’s Statemanship from the Armistice to the Peace of Versailles.”

Sept. ~ Move to New York

Bob and Frances drove across the country in their Model T, visiting Frances’ family in Oregon on the way, to take up a teaching position at NYU Washington Square.

Dec. ~ Binkley pursues grant for newspaper preservation

Binkley wrote a memo on the subject which he and Henry Lydenberg at NYPL submitted to the Laura Spellman Rockefeller Foundation.


Dec. ~ Binkley reviews Joseph Broadman collection

NYU considered acquiring Broadman’s collection of World War newspaper clippings and other ephemera.

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📖 Jan. ~ “Do the Records of Science Face Ruin?”

Scientific American Jan. 1929: 28–30.

Apr. ~ Memorandum on photographic reproduction of texts for National Research Council

At the request of George A. Hulett, Binkley prepared a memorandum on the potential of photography for the reproduction of texts, as an aspect of the solution to the perishable paper problem.

Summer ~ A Summer in Italy

Bob and Frances attended the World Bibliographic Conference in Italy

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📖 June ~ Book: What is Right with Marriage

Aug. 25 ~ Birth of Robert "Binks"

Robert Williams Binkley born in Rome, Italy

1929-30 ~ Teaching at Smith College

Binkley was hired to fill Sidney Fay’s position after Fay moved to Harvard.

Oct. 14-15 ~ Meetings with John Lynd

These meetings led to Binkley’s involvement with the Joint Committee

Nov. 9 ~ Joint Committee Created

(Hirtle, p.4)

📖 Dec. ~ Ten Years of Peace Conference History

The Journal of Modern History 1.4 (1929): 607–629. This article established Binkley’s reputation as a historian of the Peace Conference.

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Dec. ~ Binkley a "marked man" at AHA Conference

Binkley is head-hunted by Western Reserve University.


📖 Feb. 5 ~ Article: "Free Speech in Fascist Italy."

New Republic 61.792 (1930): 291.

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Feb. 17-18 ~ First Meeting of Joint Committee

Mar. 8 ~ Binkley joins Joint Committee

Apr. 18 ~ Accepts job at WRU

Binkley accepted the position as chair of the History Dept. at Women’s College (which changed its name to Flora Stone Mather College the following year).

Summer ~ Teaching Summer School at Stanford

Binkley teaching at Stanford, living in Sidney Robertson’s house in Palo Alto.

Sept. ~ Move to Cleveland

Sept. 12-13 ~ Second Meeting of Joint Committee

Branford, Connecticut; Binkley was elected Secretary

📖 Oct. ~ Book: Responsible Drinking

Dec. 25 ~ New Yorker parody

The Binkleys spent Christmas in New York with the Morton St. gang, who prepared this New Yorker issue.

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Dec. 29 ~ Interim Meeting of the Joint Committee


Apr. ~ First Correspondence between Binkley and Watson Davis

Binkley was doing small-scale tests of the Leica and Ansco cameras, and asked about Davis’ trials of the Recordak equipment. “Your interests and mine coincide remarkably.”

📖 Oct.-Feb. ~ Radio Lecture Series

Binkley gave a series of lectures on Europe from 1815 to the present for Cleveland College.

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📖 Nov. 28 ~ Methods of reproducing research materials

Methods of Reproducing Research Materials: A Survey Made for the Joint Committee on Materials for Research of the Social Science Research Council and the American Council of Learned Societies. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Edwards Brothers, 1931.

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Dec. 5 ~ Third Meeting of the Joint Committee

Dec. 26 ~ Birth of Tom

Thomas Eden Binkley born in Cleveland, Ohio


Mar. 11 ~ Fourth Meeting of the Joint Committee

Binkley was elected chair.

1932-33 ~ Visiting Professor at Harvard

Binkley taught summer school at Harvard and stayed through the academic year, replacing William Langer.

Sept. ~ Microfilming of Dulles, House and Miller papers begins

An experimental microphotography project for the Paris Peace Conference History and Documents series of the Carnegie Endowment, supported by the Joint Committee, with the work done by Bob and Frances and Frances’ father William I. Williams.

Nov. 5 ~ Joint Committee Conference on Publication Service

Dec. 29 ~ "Methods of Reproducing Research Materials"

Binkley gave a paper at Conference of Historical Societies at Toronto, at the joint AHA/CHA conference, on alternative publishing methods and the means to do short-run publications.


Jan. 14-15 ~ Fifth Meeting of the Joint Committee

Mar. 4 ~ FDR Inauguration

Apr. 15 ~ Sixth Meeting of Joint Committee

May ~ FERA Initiated

May 24 ~ Interim Meeting of Joint Committee

June 20 ~ Seventh Meeting of Joint Committee

Aug. 25 ~ Purchase 17918 Windward Rd.

On returning to Cleveland from Cambridge, the Binkleys bought a house.


Jan.? ~ Jo McCarter hired

(May have started in 1933). Worked on Joint Committee office management and research.

Feb. 2-3 ~ Eighth Meeting of Joint Committee

Mar. ~ Ted Schellenberg hired

As Secretary for the Joint Committee

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1934 ~ Publication of NRA and AAA hearings on microfilm

The first large-scale microfilm publication project. The records of the hearings of the National Recovery Administration and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (totalling 286,000 pages) were copied on 16mm film using Recordak equipment and distributed to subscribing libraries for about $420.

📖 Nov. ~ "New Tools, New Recruits for the Republic of Letters"

Memo for the Joint Committee

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Nov. 23-24 ~ Ninth Meeting of Joint Committee


Jan. ~ Adeline Barry hired

Adeline Barry was hired for Joint Committee work, and did research and editing for the Manual.

Feb. 8-9 ~ Tenth Meeting of Joint Committee

Mar. ~ Ted Schellenberg leaves

As Secretary for the Joint Committee

📖 Mar. ~ "New Tools for Men of Letters"

Yale Review n.s. 24 (1935): 519–537. Article cut down from the memo of the previous November.

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Apr. 8 ~ WPA Formed

May 12 ~ Microphotography Round Table

At ALA Conference, Richmond, Virginia

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June 3 ~ Gentlemen's Agreement Concluded

A landmark agreement between the Joint Committee and the National Association of Book Publishers clarifying the the scope of “fair use” in copying of copyrighted materials by libraries for scholars.

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📖 June ~ Library School Commencement Address

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Sept. ~ Cuyahoga County Archives survey project starts

Under the direction of Binkley’s student Lillian Kessler Fuchs.

Late '35 ~ Jo McCarter resigned

McCarter resigned because of illness and also clashes with Adeline Barry.

Nov. 16 ~ Historical Records Survey initiated

📖 Dec. ~ Book: Realism and Nationalism

Dec. ~ Session on Binkley's theory of federative polity at AHA

At the AHA conference in Chattanooga there was a session to discuss the theory of federative polity developed by Binkley in Realism and Nationalism, which had just been published.


1936 ~ Annals of Cleveland project launched

A WPA project to index Cleveland’s historical newspapers. Frances spent six months developing the newspaper digest system.

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📖 Apr. 14 ~ Manual on Methods of Reproducing Research Materials

Manual on Methods of Reproducing Research Materials: A Survey Made for the Joint Committee on Materials for Research of the Social Science Research Council and the American Council of Learned Societies. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Edwards Brothers, 1936.

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May 22-23 ~ Midwest regional conference of HRS, Chicago

June ~ Interim Meeting of the Joint Committee

Sept.-June ~ Frances' parents and the boys spend the school year in Florida

Binks was prone to ear infections, and their doctor warned that he might need a mastoid operation if he spent another winter in Cleveland.


📖 Jan. 18 ~ "History for a Democracy"

Read at Minnesota Historical Society

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1937-38 ~ Visiting Professor at Columbia

Binkley replaced Carlton Hayes. The boys spent the fall term with Bob and Frances in New York, then at Christmas were taken to Florida to stay with Frances’ parents.


Apr. 29 ~ Death of Christian K. Binkley

Death of Binkley’s father in California. Binkley and his brother Charles flew from New York to San Francisco.

📖 May 13 ~ A Family Letter

A day-in-the-life description of Binkley’s current work and concerns.

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Summer ~ Frances studies photography

Frances studied with Rabinovitch in New York.

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Oct. 15 ~ Frances's first commercial sitting

Frances had her first commercial portrait sitting in Cleveland.

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Dec. ~ Invited to serve on FDR Library National Advisory Committee


Feb. 10-11 ~ Eleventh Meeting of the Joint Committee

Mar. ~ Foreign Language Newspaper Digest launched

A Cleveland WPA project

Dec. 1-2 ~ Fourteenth Meeting of the Joint Committee


Apr. 11 ~ Death of Robert C. Binkley

Binkley died in Cleveland, Ohio

July 17 ~ Fifteenth Meeting of the Joint Committee

1940-41 ~ Frances takes B.S. in Library Science at WRU

Frances took a one-year program to get her degree in Library Science at WRU. The university waived tuition in Binkley’s memory.


1941 ~ Frances moves family to Boulder, Colorado

Frances was appointed Social Sciences Librarian at the University of Colorado, and held this position for the rest of her life.


1948 ~ Selected Papers published

Selected Papers of Robert C. Binkley. Ed. Max H. Fisch. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1948.

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Frances' portrait of Bob used as frontispiece.


June 7 ~ Death of Frances W. Binkley

Frances died in Boulder, Colorado