Fun Facts

Receipt, 19 Sept. 1930

The draft minutes of the second meeting of the Joint Committee on Materials for Research in September, 1930 were typed up by Bob’s Stanford friend Katherine Beswick for $4.50. Two years before, while sharing an apartment with the Binkleys at 49 Morton St. in the Village, Beswick had typed the manuscript of John Steinbeck’s first published novel The Cup of Gold. Steinbeck’s agent Ted Miller, to whom Beswick delivered the typescript, was another Stanford friend in the overlap between the Binkleys’ circle and Steinbeck’s; he moved into 49 Morton in the summer of 1929 when the Binkleys moved out.

As Secretary of the committee it was Binkley’s job to produce the minutes, and he rarely missed a chance to direct work to the worthy poor among his friends. One of the outcomes of this meeting was funding for a part-time secretary for him; he immediately discussed with Frances the possibility of getting Western Reserve University to eke it out into a full-time position, and offer it to Frances’ sister Mary Ada, who was at loose ends in San Francisco. (The position did become full-time, but went to Clara Pfister in Cleveland).