List of the sights of Avignon in Marthe Alliod’s hand, with checkmarks in pencil. In his diary RCB wrote on May 31:

31 (Sat.): Leave early for Avignon 8:36 – Rhone valley beautiful. Marthe gives us list of points of interest. See popes palace Berl is impressed by vista of roofs - We see garden and bridge. check off everything on list, and then decide to go for swim - Cross Rhone in ferry. & wander over island – fishing traps are ingenious. Provencal accent is funny – Finally take very short swim. Go to Villneuve for supper, but discover that there are no restaurants in the town. eat at little roadside place – 7.50 for two of us. Go to Tarascon, say good bye to Berl & sleep at Foyer des Soldat at Nimes