A gothic building with a bell tower and bare trees beside it; trees casting shadows in the foreground are fully leafed.

L’abbaye Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, Ferrières-en-Gatinais, in the Loiret, south of Paris. See A modern view of the Abbey at Ferrières. The abbey evidently was the site of a hospital in WW1: “1914 - 1918… Qui s’en souvient? Les Montargois dans la tourmente durant la Grande Guerre”"."

The USAAS base camp was established at Ferrières-en-Gatinais in February, 1918, with the headquarters in the medieval abbey. It quickly expanded to accommodate 2000 men, and all USAAS personnel arriving from the US were sent there for training and assignment. (Field Operations, pp. 243-4).