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War Diary


Binkley seems to have had a camera with him during his time in Europe in 1918-1919, probably a Kodak Vest Pocket, which took eight 4x6.5cm shots per roll. He pasted about 100 contact prints into a French school exercise book, with some annotations. The titles in this collection are Binkley's, made up of the page header and any individual inscription for the individual shot. The descriptions, and any titles in square brackets, have been supplied for this site.

Items in the War Diary Collection

An ambulance in a ruined street; a tower is visible behind. Possibly taken during action, as it seems to have been shot hastily from behind the shelter of a wall.

Ship, painted in camouflage, at a dock; in the foreground a lifeboat overhead - presumably shot from the Carmania.

England--On a hike from Winchester, England.
A farmyard with buildings with thatched roofs, a pond, and some animals

England--Barracks at Winchester
A barracks with cots and men in uniform. Laundry hangs from lines.

England--Morn Hill Camp Winchester
A view between two barracks, with some men. Morn Hill Camp near Winchester was where American troops were stationed on arrival in England. See Life at Morn Hill Camp

Ferrieres--Abbey at Ferrieres
A gothic building with a bell tower and bare trees beside it; trees casting shadows in the foreground are fully leafed. L'abbaye Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, Ferrières-en-Gatinais, in the Loiret, south of Paris. See A modern view of the Abbey at…

Ferrieres--The Pool at Ferrieres
Small pond with paths on either side and what looks like a dam of wattle.

Ferrieres--Lake - and Laundry
Small lake with bare trees; some unidentifiable people or objects on the far side.

Ferrieres--Mess above the Court of Pipin the Bref
Men with food sitting on benches, woods and a pile of firewood in the background. The man in the center may be RCB. Pippin the Short (d.768), father of Charlemagne.

Ferrieres--An Afternoon Hike
A group of men on a dirt road through a forest, apparently in spring.