Preface vii
I. How It Came About That Domestic Theory Was Written Down 1
II. Diverse Theories of Marriage and of the Family which Now Prevail 7
III. The Place of Domestic Theory among the Social Sciences 20
IV. Of the Nature of a Personal Relationship 31
V. Of the Nature of Marriage 42
VI. The Natural Family 52
VII. The Family and Convention 63
VIII. The Family and Authority 78
IX. The Family and Self-Interest 89
X. The Domestic View of Human Nature 101
XI. Appreciation 123
XII. Time, Love, and Habit 128
XIII. The Function of the Family 134
[p.xii] XIV. The Four Types of the Natural Family 156
XV. Marriage and Children 167
XVI. Marriage and Sex Monopoly 188
XVII. Marriage and Art 219
XVIII. Marriage and the Individual 248
Index 259


What Is Right with Marriage